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Archive for June, 2008

June 18, 2008

weedy bouquet

Spotted these across the way at the farmer’s market in santa monica this morning. Had to have. The flowers are actually food plants gone wild: fennel, dill, lambs quarters, etc. SUCH a good idea! Would be perfect for a summer meadow/farm wedding. I love the idea of using local found flowers instead of imported exotics. Eco and wallet friendly! Can you tell that I’m especially inspired and excited by my trip to Georgia last week? I need a farm, bad.

(Please excuse iphone photography).

June 17, 2008

uncommon invitation inspiration

Next on my long and scary list of things to do for the wedding is design and print our invitations, escort cards, menus, coasters, programs, signs, etc. I am feeling highly ambitious at the moment so it’s likely that I won’t get to everything I’m planning to, but might as well start strong. SO, pretty much all I’ve done is obsessively research invitations and the like online. Good at surfing the internet, bad at actually starting the project.

In my research I’ve been watching a little series on “branding your wedding” over at Elizabeth Anne Designs. Which had me thinking of existing brands that are more than wedding worthy already. Here’s a few favorites that would be excellent starting points for 4 very different weddings:

Dustin Edward Arnold

You must must check this out on his site because it’s so much more dramatic when your see the entire suite big and dark and glossy. This would easily make a gorgeous invitation style for the ultra sophisticated Kelly Wearstler inspired bride. I’m definitely using a lil’ of this for my own designs.

Sant Ambroeus Ristorante (by Mucca Design)

Just the cutest thing pretty much ever. Last time I was in New York I unexpectedly happened upon Sant Ambroeus while shopping up Madison Ave with my friend Allison. I practically accosted the poor hostess in seach of ANYTHING I could take home with me. Luckily I discovered the requisite bowl of matches near the door, of which I only took 5, which I thought showed great restraint.

La Condesa (and anything else by Mucca Design)

Seriously making me want to reconsider Palm Springs in favor of Mexico. Need multiple coaster designs. Need.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day

Love this brand and am a faithful user not only because of it’s retro cuteness and yummy smells, but also because of it’s enviro-friendly-ness. These pictures don’t do the packaging justice really, but I thinking Mrs Meyers would be super inspiration for a bright, retro theme.

June 10, 2008

lazy sunday chopped salad

Sunday nights at our house generally mean something simple, delicious and market inspired for dinner. And since we usually find ourselves out to dinner on friday and saturday (which can also mean more complicated, heavier food), you can count on our sunday meal being crammed full of all the vegetables I can muster the energy to wash and chop.

Enter the chopped salad.

Here’s how it works: go to the farmer’s market. Wander the aisles buying anything and everything one can conceivably and/or tastefully combine in a large bowl with dressing, preferably selecting ingredients based on seasonal relevance. We are a bit spoiled in southern california in that our farmers tend to sell the bulk of their produce year round. But I still try to buy what’s supposed to be MORE in season because somehow, it just feels right.

Lazy Sunday Chopped Salad

Tat soi
green beans (quickly blanched in a salty bath)
early season heirloom tomatoes
baby turnips
japanese cucumbers
red peppers
mung bean and lentil sprouts
oregano (due to aforementioned abundance, this is in everything)
minced lemon verbena
crumbled cotija cheese

Chop/dice everything in desired shapes and sizes and combine in a big bowl. Toss with this simple dressing:

Simple lemony vinaigrette

equal parts good quality olive oil and fresh lemon juice
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 small garlic clove, smashed
salt & pepper

I usually put everything in a jar with a lid and shake hard for a few moments until everything appears mixed.

If you’ve made more than you can eat in one sitting, only toss what you intend to eat and save the rest, covered in the fridge. Lazy Sunday salads make excellent Monday night leftovers.

June 9, 2008

bride lust: honeymoon luggage

I’m imagining this to be the most beautifully crafted soft-sided luggage ever created. Now I know it IS J.Crew but the price puts it on the same level as LV. Expectations are are running rampant. Mustn’t we arrive impossibly fresh and stylish to our honeymoon destination? After 18 months of planning for the wedding, how can we just cobble together the best part (4 week honeymoon, yes!!!) with any old thing laying around the storage closet???

The J.Crew Lugano Collection. NEED.

June 7, 2008

real wedding, georgia style

Next week I’m heading south for the wedding of one of my bestest friends, Laura. Laura and her hubby-to-be live in Athens, Georgia and have an amazingly rich life made up of running an organic farm, owning a delicious, pioneering restaurant and hip, local bar, plus Laura is a nurse and Jason is finishing his PhD program at UGA. They have carved out an enviable existence in their little corner of the south. And their wedding is going to be rad! Hopefully I’ll be back with some “real wedding” type photos to share, but for now, here’s an inspiration board I put together for Laura earlier in the spring.

The wedding is at Tucker Plantation, in the countryside outside of Athens and it will be catered by their restaurant, farm255, which is fed by the farm, fullmoon co-op. Laura is growing most of the flowers for decoration and almost everything used in their celebration is from friends and local vendors. It’s like the epitome of a “green” wedding, without really trying. Except that we are all flying across the country to be there of course, but we bought our terra passes like good, environmentally-friendly citizens.

Board credits: most of the images I saved before I had designs on blogging, so I’m not sure where all of them are from… eek! But I would guess, martha stewart and Snippet & Ink are major contributers. The dress is Alix & Kelly, the invite is Pica Press, the beet card is Yee-Haw Industries, the hair piece is Easter Yu.

June 6, 2008


I am SO excited about our calligrapher, Jenna Hein. She is all the rage right now on wedding blogs so luckily we snapped her up before her popularity is such that she doesn’t have time for the weddings of mere mortals like us.

Jenna is actually a good friend of my friend Amanda, who introduced Jenna’s beautiful work to me last year. In the abyss of indecision that has defined my wedding planning skills, there have been few things that I have been SURE of from the start. First came our photographer, Michéle M. Waite (who I stalked on the internet for months before we had a date to book her). And then came Jenna’s calligraphy. Swoon. I’m not doing it justice here, but she’s been featured on Brooklyn Bride, Thoughtful Day, and Design*Sponge (via the guest blog).

Jenna did a whole packet of different versions of our names, our date, and our venue for me to use on our website and for our invitations. The website is up, thank god, and now I’m super inspired to do our invites! Must find time to start those….

June 5, 2008

mini dress

If I was going to wear a mini-dress for my wedding, (and I was seriously considering it being that our wedding is in Palm Springs), this would have to be it.

I saw this little beauty many moons ago in my early days of wedding blog obsessing, but had forgotten about it until Peonies and Polaroids reminded me with her Marchesa post today.

When I first saw it, it filled me with a panic that can only be described with 3 words: NEED. BAD. NOW. Followed by at least an hour of my most creative internet research tactics, hoping beyond hope that I would discover the last remaining online retailer selling the item in question, who would have it in stock, in my size, on sale. A girl can dream.