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Archive for July, 2008

July 18, 2008

Registry guilt, then elation!

Allison at HaselBride did a post on unusual registry items yesterday, so I thought I’d follow with “registering at unusual places, and the fallout.” I’ve talked to many women getting married who dread the process of registering and this, friends, is a mindset utterly foreign to me and my product loving self. I’ve pretty much had most of ours picked out for the last 5 years, quietly waiting for day we would declare our everlasting love by registering for items we COULD live without but would prefer not, to since we have the choice thank you.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t find the whole concept of telling people in no uncertain terms what you want, and then expecting these items to show up at your door in the months before and after your wedding, a little bizarre. Especially when you are 1) a kitchen/food junkie and have essentially been receiving big ticket registry-type items for christmas and birthday for the last 5 years so you really don’t need anything, and 2) already live with future husband and really don’t need wedding guests to “help you start your new home together.” I mean I’ll take it, but I’m just saying.

So my plan for the registry was to only request things we really wanted/needed, ensuring that our lists didn’t seem greedy, inappropriate, or unnecessary. And to register for things that are thoughtful and beautiful so everyone feels like they get to give a good present, no matter how big or small. To me this means no registry at macys or crate and barrel, which turns out to be confusing for many people.

Which brings me to my point. Apparently some people still like to go IN PERSON and pick out presents. And when the only store that is convenient to everyone (Sur la Table) on your registry only has 5 items on it, people start to get a little huffy. My grandma, upon hearing of this travesty from one of her friends, almost insisted that I add more things. And I resisted people, I did. I was trying to be practical, (shout out to Meg at A Practical Wedding, this is the only practical thing I can think of that I’ve done so far), by only requesting things we really thought we should have.

But then yesterday at lunch, I caved. I hadn’t thought of it, but one can actually go into a store and register for items in person! How quaint! I suppose this is how people did it back in the old days now that I think about it. So with this new tidbit of inspiration, I entered Sur la Table. At which point they hand you a gun and you troll the aisles for anything that strikes your fancy. Amazing! I have to admit, it was oddly satisfying. And as with everything wedding, I’ve learned that you can resist up to a certain point, hold dear your bridal beliefs, and then finally when your energy is low and your impenetrable outer shell shows weakness, you just let the wedding flow take you. And it’s totally fine, you come to see.

beautiful things we would like, from Heath.

July 15, 2008

DIY gocco save-the-date

We are nearing the 3 month mark. I remember reading wedding blogs last year thinking, WHOA those girls only have 3 months to go. That must be a trip. And now here I am, almost there myself. SO now’s when the hardcore DIY projects start coming out.

I would classify myself is as pretty determined DIY bride. Most of my projects haven’t made their worldly appearance yet, (they are fairly comfortable relaxing in my head or on a list at this point), but I thought I’d start sharing what has gone down so far.

GOCCO! i love gocco. in the course of this project, i learned everything one should NOT attempt when using gocco. Literally had to redesign our save-the-date at least 3 or 4 times during the printing process. I was, shall we say, ambitious about what one can achieve with their plastic screen printing toy. Which means, with each screen, I realized the next wasn’t going to work the way I imagined. le sigh.

So here they are… the back inspired by a vintage postcard, the front was, well, whatever I could cobble together during multiple near disasters in printing. There is another shot of the front in the picture from my post on paint chips. And my original post card inspiration came from these (i wrote about them on our office blog before I had my own).


Notice how the white ink is less than ideally legible on recycled chip board. oops.

July 14, 2008

vintage bags for brides, etc.

These popped up on design*sponge this morning. A must have for modern vintage wedding? Or of course any other occasion that calls for a beautiful little clutchy-thing.

New item to obsess about, which is ALL I need.

from Charlotte Casadejus… and everything is beautiful on her site.

July 10, 2008

paint chips are your friends

In the struggle to pick a “palette” for our wedding (ugh, who wants to be chained to one group of colors?) I became quite good friends with our neighborhood paint stores. Talk about the most excellent free resource out there. HUNDREDS of shades of hundreds of colors. Home Depot will work in a pinch, but swing by a real paint store and 1) your options expand and 2) the paint chips get bigger.

We are settling in to vintage floral greens, black, off white, and yet to be determined support colors. See my vintage flower frogs (which match my paint chips perfectly)? I have ~70 of those and we’re using them for our escort card display. I was beside myself with happiness when I came up with the idea. Never seen it done before! I now know why. I have fought long and hard on ebay for my collection and between you and me, this hasn’t turned out to be an inexpensive DIY project. But I am too committed to turn back. And they are so cute. I’ll be selling them after the wedding if anyone’s interested.

July 4, 2008

runway bride-wear

So I’m no expert, but it seems to me that if you’re in the market for a minimally “bridal” feeling wedding dress, you should skip the bridal lines altogether and spend your money on something straight from the runway. I would venture to guess that your money will go farther and you’ll potentially have a dress you may even wear again. That is, I guess, if you’re willing to spend a bit on your dress and you are also the type that frequents or plans to frequent in your married future the sorts of events that warrant the wearing of long, fancy dresses.

The Resort 2009 looks have, if nothing else, some beautiful dresses for lusting after. My favorites are the top left… (ooh stripes!) and the bottom right… rehearsal dinner? I’m trying to concoct SOME excuse… Obviously I’m feeling the black and white thing right now.

All from, from to left to right, top to bottom: Emanuel Ungaro (beautiful collection fyi), Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, can’t remember, Diane von Furstenberg, Diane von Furstenberg.

July 1, 2008

envelope show

My new favorite friends…

I need these hanging on my bulletin board at home. all of them.
by Andrew Bush, via a most excellent blog, pretty.pretty.paper.