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September 26, 2008

happy weekend, we’ll be in palm springs…

where it’s only 104 degrees. And we have 4 wedding-related appointments.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, hair and makeup trial. I can’t think of anything more hideous than wearing a full face of makeup in 104 degree weather, but the life of a soon-to-be bride is not always glamorous. We work hard, don’t we?

Kay so here’s the thing. I don’t wear makeup and also I am muy low maintenance when it comes to hair. Like, I get it cut every 4 to 8 months depending on how lazy I am. And that’s it. Soooo. um, does anyone have any good links to super natural-looking makeup I can bring with me? I am frightfully ill-prepared for this part of the wedding.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Now I don’t look anything like Mischa Barton, mind you. But I think her makeup is kind of pretty here. I mostly know what i’m doing with my hair… weaing it long, down, and curled loosely. SOMEWHERE in wedding blog land I saw a photo of the girl who plays Blair on gossip girl with a perfect example of the kind of hair I’m going for… except my hair is strawberry blond, and hers is not. but the style was right. and now i’ve lost it. shooooot.


  1. Anonymous said on September 27, 2008

    Hi Kristina! I’m getting married in Palm Springs next year too! Would love to know who you’re looking at to do your hair and makeup! good luck this weekend. i was there last weekend and it was hot but bearable. :)

  2. cassaundra said on September 27, 2008

    pretty, pretty!

  3. jora said on September 27, 2008

    Have you ever thought about a little wreath of flowers for your hair? That’s what I did after feeling the way you do and not knowing what to do (I am not a makeup and fussed over hair person). Someone suggested it and I am super happy I did it! I wanted to email you a picture, but I couldn’t find your email address anywhere…

  4. LYNN said on September 27, 2008

    Not sure if this was the link with Blair, but it sounds like an example of what you’re looking for:

  5. lovelymorning said on September 27, 2008

    oh yeah, LYNN! yes. that is it! thank you so much.

    jora, thinking flowers too! i’ll send you an email… love to see your photo.

    anonymous… i’d love to share all my palm springs info with you. how can i contact you?

  6. Meg said on September 29, 2008

    Hey you- Why not do your own makeup if you are a pretty low maintance person normally? I’m thinking of doing the same, though I might just get my hair done…

  7. Anonymous said on September 30, 2008

    hello fellow palm springs bride! :) here’s my email:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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