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September 5, 2008

our envelopes, embellished

I am going to post our finished invite package, I am. But I couldn’t resist posting just the finished envelopes first.

I <3 my stamps.

So when I mailed these yesterday at the Santa Monica post office, I felt a little sad and a little nervous. I asked for them to be hand-cancelled, so I’m hoping that increases their chances of making it to their destinations unscathed.

This must be what it feels like to send your children off to college. All 131 of them.

AND PS. Huge thank you to east side bride for posting my invites on her always inspiring site!


  1. The Rauths said on September 5, 2008

    creative idea with the stamps.

    we asked for ours to be hand canceled too and they didn’t. i was so pissed when i got the one i mailed to myself. the good news, they still looked awesome and the bulky inside was all intact without any holes in the envelope.

    so pretty!

  2. Kate said on September 5, 2008

    I love Jenna’s writing! She’s so talented!

    Can I post your invite on my blog too? I’m in love with it!

  3. east side bride said on September 5, 2008

    O. M. G.

  4. Lisa said on September 6, 2008

    Beautiful!! Gorgeous!!

  5. heather from the bar said on September 6, 2008

    those look so great!

  6. desert bride said on September 6, 2008

    wow! where did you find the stamps? I looked, but obviously not very hard…..

  7. Rebecca said on September 7, 2008

    So lovely! Jenna’s writing, the stamps–beautiful!

  8. One Love Photo said on September 8, 2008

    WOW! so far what I see is pretty beautiful, lovely photographs! I feel the same way when I mail off invites a little sad to let them go but more excited about the party that they will lead. Nice work!

  9. P said on September 12, 2008

    Girl, those envelopes are the awesome. For reals.

  10. Tiffany said on September 12, 2008

    oh my goodness. Those are quite possibly the prettiest envelopes I have seen in my entire life.

    I wanted the black with the white writing. It looks so modern and beautiful.

  11. Sarah's Fab Day said on September 18, 2008

    These are stunning!

  12. My @ tha Hotness said on September 25, 2008

    Wow these are super Fabu-liscious…

  13. serendipity said on August 17, 2009

    Love the envelopes! I've been inspired for my own now! I've posted your envelopes on my blog, I hope that's ok?

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