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Archive for September, 2008

September 23, 2008

happy little paul smith pouches for our groomsmen

Outside the most excellent Paul Smith store on Melrose. So pink. So perfect.

If you haven’t been, they have (along with his amazing line of clothes and especially ties) a beautiful collection of art and design books, new and old. Plus lots of interesting vintage items like globes and suitcases and pottery. Their prices are, shall we say, a little elevated… but the feeling of the store is nice all the same.

We also FINALLY chose brock’s shirt and tie to go with his suit. He’s going to look sharp, my friends. Good old Paul, never fails.

OH ps. for those of you keeping track, we ditched the dinner jacket thing. After finding the most beautiful amazing perfect Tom Ford number at Neiman’s, (which we couldn’t afford by any reasonable stretch of the imagination), all others seemed old and stodgy and yellowed with cigar smoke. Sad, but we’re both excited about the suit we ended up buying. yay.

September 22, 2008

my pumpkins

Speaking of little hints of fall… I harvested my pumpkin experiment a few weeks ago. so satisfying! the original inspiration for turning our yard into a pumpkin patch over the summer was to use them for, um, centerpieces for the wedding. OOPS. I made up this story in my head that they would all grow to be perfect LITTLE heirloom pumpkins in muted shades of peach, green, and white. A touch of late october without the overwhelming feeling of halloween.

WELL. They are mostly huge. But I haven’t given up hope of incorporating them into wedding decors. I think I might pile the green ones up at 1) the entrance to hotel? 2) the entrance to the ceremony space (like behind the chairs at the start of the aisle? 3) somewhere around the reception?


We’re renting a U-haul to go out to Palm Springs anyway (need to take a load of succulent arrangements I’ve planted for the ceremony and reception) so might as well throw the pumps in and put them to work! Plus then, we can pass them out on Sunday to good homes.

PS. When planting pumpkins, be aware that spiders and at least in our yard, Black Widows, love making their web on the underside of each squash.

We apparently live in the ideal microclimate for Black Widows to thrive. They are everywhere. Very cool looking spiders but unnerving all the same.

September 19, 2008

little pumpkins

How sweet is this?

From Little Blue Love, on greatest site in the world, Etsy.

September 19, 2008

honeymoon slippers?

They look more like flats to me, but these alleged “slippers” are feeling like a must have.

Their website does an excellent job of preventing users from actually learning where one might purchase the Sue London line. Apparently they are sold in Bel Air, Bev Hills, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica. NICE! except um, there are many stores in the above-mentioned neighborhoods. Not giving up yet. Need these for our 14 hour plane ride, among other things.

September 19, 2008

i feel a gocco project coming on…

COASTERS. Can’t live without. can. not. Here’s my preliminary design. Planning to Gocco, because it’s so satisfying to really do it yourself. AND I’ve already ordered 300 blank coasters, thanks to a most excellent tip from Kate over at Kids and Cocktails.

But, I’m going to admit it… I also just asked for a quote from Aardvark to have them letterpressed. It’s just that it’s so EASY when they do it. And so much fancier. Don’t you love letterpressed coasters? I have a whole collection of them from Sesame. Heart.

September 18, 2008

sweet chairs and general design skills from creme design

My friend Amanda sent this link over this afternoon during one of our therapeutic interoffice IM sessions. Love these multicolored plaid chairs at Distrito in Philly.

And the warm, rustic feeling of the front of Forge in NYC… makes me want a glass of red wine. now.

Lots more inspired interiors at Creme Design.

September 18, 2008

floating along…

6 weeks to go. This is how I imagine one’s wedding day to feel.

From Shorpy… a beautiful catalog of vintage photos from the first half of the 20th century.

September 17, 2008

misa jewelry for beachy brides or just every day

I’ve been meaning to post about Misa Hamamoto’s amazing jewelry line since I started this blog, and look at me finally remembering. Misa is a friend who, don’t hate her she’s the nicest person in the world, quit her 9-5 to do what she really loves… make beautiful and inspired jewelry. I have a few pieces and I can tell you that I SERIOUSLY love mine.

But when she first came over and showed me her collection I was thinking, every single piece would be BEAUTIFUL for a beachy wedding.

You can find her jewelry in (west) Los Angeles only right now, but you should most certainly email her with inquiries. She is, again, the nicest person I’ve pretty much ever met.

If you’re in LA, stop by:

Firefly in Venice
Market in Brentwood Village
Wicati in Westwood
Uzu in Manhattan Beach

If you’re lusting from afar, go to her website for the whole collection and contact information:

September 16, 2008

DIY-ish invites: the hidden pieces

Our reply postcard (which is my favorite part of the whole package) and the reception info insert…

We printed the postcard on 220lb Crane Lettra, which is a big reason why I love it so much. BUT just so you know, it gets totally torn up coming through the mail. It must be the sorting machines or something.

Thanks to Bird and Banner for their inspiring copy, not to mention the most beautiful invites I’ve ever seen… I may have borrowed a bit for the post card.

September 15, 2008

meet Stapelia, my most favorite plant

I’ve been fighting the suspicion that fall is sneakily nudging the warm days of summer out of the air. I love fall. It’s by far my favorite season, which is why we’re getting married in October. It’s just that I’m not really ready to give up on warm nights requiring no sweater. But then again I’m giddy with the subtle change in the light, with the hard squashes piling up at the farmer’s market, with that tiny chill that settles over our bed in the early morning.

And of course with the blooming of the coolest succulent on my front porch.

I snipped a little clipping of this guy from a planter in front of a DWP building in Marina Del Rey years ago. I couldn’t live without these wild flowers and I decided no one in the public works department would notice a tiny sprig gone missing. The plant part of the Stapelia Gigantea is nothing special, just a regular cactus-y looking thing, but the flowers are bigger than my hand and feel strangely like rubbery flesh. AND they apparently smell like rotting meat in order to attract flies for pollination, but I’ve never noticed a thing… except for the flies. That part really works.

Isn’t it so cool?