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October 20, 2008

a little welcome note

Remember how I scratched the welcome totes in honor of my santity? Instead I quickly put together a little welcome note with the weekend schedule of activities, that we’ll have the hotel give to guests as the check in. Brock pointed out that the sentiment is there… we’re still saying “YAY, you’re here in palm springs for our wedding!” but we’re not going insane putting together 55 bags full of delicious homemade and farmer’s market purchased treats. I’m good with it.

We bought a nice matte cover stock to print them on and stuffed them in those neat long envelopes (black) with the cute button and tie from Paper Source. If I’m super ahead of the game tonight, I may or may not be tempted to gocco our little monogram on the outside of the envelope. But I’m going to the Korean spa today for a long massage and some time in the sauna (see, I can relax) so let’s not get our hopes up.


  1. Amy said on October 20, 2008

    I’ve been to the Olympic Day Spa…I love that place!

  2. Jeni from Kansas said on October 20, 2008

    This is a great idea!!

  3. jora said on October 20, 2008

    Some spa time sounds so very nice. And I agree w/Brock. The sentiment is still there and you won’t lose your mind in the process.

  4. Heather from the bar said on October 21, 2008

    gorgeous as well (as is your entire paper suite, I like your taste :) ) and those envelopes from paper source We are sending our save the dates in them, but with the regular enclosure, instead of the tie one, for postage’s sake :( I will find a way to fit them in somehow :) And thank you for making me feel better about not doing welcome packages. I just can’t fit anything else in the budget, and was feeling bad about not doing them. A little welcome note shall suffice :)

  5. citysage said on October 21, 2008

    This is a perfect compromise. Your guests will be much happier to have a small note and a serene (as possible) post-spa bride, instead of food and a crazy, sobbing maniac bride! Not that I think you would be, but you get the gist :)

    One thing I really underestimated about the big day was how stressful it was to be not only a bride but a hostess. EVERYONE will want a piece of your time and it can be quite overwhelming. But it sounds like with Brock you have someone to help you keep a cool head. I’m getting so excited for you!

  6. Sarah's Fab Day said on October 22, 2008

    Gorgeous! I’ve had a lot of fun looking over all your fun wedding stuff, it will be great. No worries. :)

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