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Archive for January, 2009

January 29, 2009

australian seed pods

I have a strong, to quite strong, obsession with seed pods. Some people collect sand from the beaches they’ve visited or rocks or matchbooks or beer coasters from european pubs. All of which are completely legitimate collecting obsessions. I on the other hand quietly accumulate seed pods. And if it means carrying an 18 inch pod for a full 60 minutes during a run, around an island, wielding it like a wooden saber, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Australia, as it turns out, has neat pods. And it’s questionable whether any of them were supposed to make it through customs, but WHATEVER it was my honeymoon. I needed them for my remembering.

Also, I would like to note that I lugged home an entire bag full of scraps and labels and receipts and coasters for the making of our honeymoon scrapbook. I am COMPLETELY committed to starting and finishing this project. (Finishing not so much a strong point for me). Sometime. Hopefully this year.

January 28, 2009

sweet simple ring pillows

Constança sent me a really nice email the other day announcing her new little ring pillow biz on etsy. Aren’t they cute? i love the plaid.

And she also has another shop , called Saidos Da Concha, where she sells all sorts of pretty handmade goodies… shopping bags, bibs, purse organizers (such a good idea). Actually, I need to post a photo these so you can see:

Right? Not more wallet lost in the depths of huge tote bag.

Constança, for the record, I lusted after that Orla Kiely tote for a LONG time. Such a good pattern.

January 27, 2009

cannot get enough celebratory swag

rad poster from CDRyan… for free.

Download it from his shoppe. (he spells it that way. i am not being fake british).

Via a most awesome blog i just found on a particularly fruitful foray into the interwebs, Grain Edit. LOOVVVEE.

January 27, 2009

pretty grey

is such an excellent shade, is it not? I am obsessed with this grey nail polish from Sephora. Obsessed as in they were out of it in the santa monica store, so I paid $5.95 to have it shipped to my house from the internet. That is more than HALF of the asking price for the polish itself.

I don’t really know what to think. Pre-wedding planning I had probably been in Sephora, oh, 2 times in my life. (not a big make up person). But slowly, it became a place of necessity. For things to make me beautiful and bridal with glowing skin and white teeth and perfectly glossed lips and ever so delicately scented neck. And grey nails. I don’t even like wearing nail polish. It feels like my nails are suffocating. But I do like grey…

Buy it here.

*For the curious – it’s called Metro Chic.*

January 27, 2009

oui monsieur

Thank you for asking. I would love a trip to the Cote d’Azur of yore. And maybe some diamonds for when we go out on the town?

Research for a little save-the-date project in the works… seriously, who doesn’t love vintage French tourism posters?

STB sister-in-law Melanie’s wedding has a working theme of 50′s Monte Carlo. (we get to wear GOWNS as bridesmaids… yessss) So we’re doing a French Riveria inspired postcard for their save the date. C’est tres amusant pour moi! (I have french CDs in my car! can you tell?)

I love making cute projects that do not involve the internet. Unless I am blogging about them.

(i think most of these are from

January 23, 2009

new pretties from hello handmade

I’m sure this will be all over the blogs this morning, but couldn’t help posting myself. How beautiful, right?

I’m almost more taken with the envelope than I am with the actual card.

You send a personalized message to Hello Handmade, and they send your Valentine the most beautiful little package. I love it. But I cannot plan far enough ahead to make the February 6th deadline. So sad.

January 22, 2009

newly vintage hotel in Palm Springs

The new Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Yessss. It looks so cute. I love the vintagey desert safari thing they have going. We stayed at the Seattle Ace a few years ago before we backpacked around Mt. Rainier and thought it was great. Love the concept of stylish simplicity and reasonable rates. I’m thinking we should maybe stay here in March when we go out next? I do love checking out a new place. As long as the pool is finished.

It looks like they are also going to have a pretty neat event space called Commune. Maybe perfect for a styling desert wedding? For me to ATTEND, of course.

January 20, 2009

the biggest day

From our honeymoon, Gertrude Street (our FAVORITE street) in Melbourne.

See, everybody has been waiting for this day. Not just us. I can’t possibly sum up how important today feels in this quick post before the speech. Plus there are other blogger friends out there who have probably prepared something lovely, so I’ll leave the heartfelt analysis to them.

I will just say that my happiness cup runneth over. And it’s coming out my eyes.

PS. I happen to LIKE Michelle’s outfit. Not many people can rock that color. Did you see her neat green gloves?

January 19, 2009

new skinny laminx

i meant to post this on friday, so i could say… “speaking of skinny laminx, i just checked out her etsy store and she has a bunch of cute new things!” but i waited until just now to post these. so i can’t really say that. since you all know i was looking at her etsy store on friday when i posted the Heath photos.

i seriously, dangerously, semi-psychotically love her tea towels. i’m not sure i can buy anymore tho. i have many. but i don’t like to use them because i don’t want to get them dirty. koo-koo.

shower gifts, bridesmaid gifts, anyone? (you can turn any post into a wedding post if you try hard enough.) But really, these make super excellent pressies.

January 16, 2009

heath LA opening… muy tarde

Sooo, I keep forgetting to post this! But I’m going to anyway, even though it’s old news because the store is great and ceramics are greater and the opening was really fun.

I went with my friend Deja, who is an interior designer for Marmol-Radziner here in LA. (She slipped me the invite because Heath is one of their partners). Isn’t she cute?


They have a whole inspiration board wall showing their process and colors and such. I heart things like this:

Commune (insanely awesome design company whose houses are some of the coolest interiors I’ve ever seen) did the store, and released a limited edition set of linens for the opening. They were beeeeauuutiful. and I was all set on buying the charcol table cloth, until I read the price tag. yikes.

Plus, they have their whole line showcased which is quite obviously the most beautiful thing in the entire universe in it’s timeless simplicity.

I was literally walking around going, “Have it. Have it. Want it. Need it. Have it….” I felt like I was at the opening of an artist I reallllllly like. And collect. And John C. Reilly was there. Which was cool because I LOVE him. It was also kind of funny. You go to a Shepard Fairey opening, you get Adrian Grenier. You go to the Heath opening, you get John C. Reily. Makes sense.

And possibly the neatest thing was, look:

Skinny Laminx at Heath! I love Heather’s work. And I love how Heath supports independent artisans in their shop. Those cutting boards are beautiful as are the salad tongs from Jonathan’s Spoons. Both of which I MAY or MAY NOT have. Yes, I registered for the entire Heath catalog.

Anyway, the new store is beautiful. And now we don’t have to go ALL the way to Sausalito for factory seconds.

(excuse iPhone photo graininess, please)