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January 27, 2009

pretty grey

is such an excellent shade, is it not? I am obsessed with this grey nail polish from Sephora. Obsessed as in they were out of it in the santa monica store, so I paid $5.95 to have it shipped to my house from the internet. That is more than HALF of the asking price for the polish itself.

I don’t really know what to think. Pre-wedding planning I had probably been in Sephora, oh, 2 times in my life. (not a big make up person). But slowly, it became a place of necessity. For things to make me beautiful and bridal with glowing skin and white teeth and perfectly glossed lips and ever so delicately scented neck. And grey nails. I don’t even like wearing nail polish. It feels like my nails are suffocating. But I do like grey…

Buy it here.

*For the curious – it’s called Metro Chic.*


  1. Jess said on January 27, 2009

    what is the name of that color? its gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous said on January 27, 2009

    I dont see a grey color on the Sephora link…what is the name? Thanks!

  3. tkc 16 said on January 27, 2009

    That is great. I just bought a sparkly grey from the OPI line called winter skates. I am loving grey this season.

  4. genevieve said on January 27, 2009

    Love it! My friend wanted grey polish so badly and could never find it, she ended up mixing black and white together but it looked really muddy…off to send her this link!

  5. jora said on January 27, 2009

    That looks awesome on you!

  6. Jess said on January 27, 2009

    aaaah. the metro chic looks a lot more purple on the sephora site! thanks! :)

  7. Anne @ Pink Galoshes said on January 27, 2009

    I just love this shade. So refreshing and so different from the usual vampy shades. Looks great on you!

  8. thoughtful day said on January 27, 2009

    SO funny that you posted this – I have been wearing this exact shade since last summer and every time someone sees my toes I get compliments. It is such a beautiful color! I bring it with me whenever I get a pedicure.

  9. Teresa said on January 27, 2009

    Oh! I love it. Not quite as brooding as a black polish, but in the spirit.

  10. redframe said on January 27, 2009

    That’s it you clever clogs, that’s just the kind of colour I was looking for but couldn’t find in time! A cheeky update on rouge noir. We’ll probably only get anything like it over here by 2010…

  11. NotQuiteaBride said on January 28, 2009

    I would totally pay the shipping. It’s so worth it.

  12. jenifriend said on January 28, 2009

    Great color! You know grey is the new black, they say. My wedding colors, in fact, are grey and raspberry. Love the color; I’m on the hunt now!!

  13. Katie Carter said on January 28, 2009

    This is really pretty!! If you are digging the grey polish a really amazing one that I just got am kind of in love with is by OPI called ‘My Private Jet’. It’s sort of a gunmetal color with a shimmery finish!!

  14. Afton said on January 29, 2009

    i want this. although it seems i am accumulating a multitude of grey things lately…

    i will probably buy it anyway!

  15. east side bride said on January 29, 2009

    uh oh i like it.

  16. Melinda said on January 30, 2009

    I’ve been looking for a grey, as far as I know OPI doesn’t have one except for the Sephora line. I went out tonight and bought this color and also “Run With It” which is like a lighter grey. Thanks for reminding me how much I wanted grey nail polish!

  17. Maiden Rapture said on January 30, 2009

    wow! i love this! i have been obsessing over grey all winter.

  18. redframe said on February 2, 2009

    Me again, if your crazy cool offer still stands, I’m totally getting you something skinny laminx in return! Can I have your e-mail addy so I can send you my postal addy and then we can mail cute stuff around the world and see if it makes it to/from Africa? x

  19. Kirby said on March 9, 2009

    i found your blog like 27 minutes ago, have not stopped browsing, cannot browse fast enough and then read that your nails suffocate too. omg. amazing. so, now, how do i do your wedding on the east coast, in the applachain mountains… ours is 5.15.10… just starting my obsession!

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