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February 13, 2009

happy <3 day

Hope everyone has a love-filled long weekend.

Drink some wine. And then save your corks so you can make neat tonally ordered sculptures on Sunday afternoons.

What about a cork bulletin board with the pretty pink parts facing out? I have a few more corks to work with.


  1. Vancouver Bride said on February 13, 2009

    This is just so lovely – thank you for sharing! Happy Friday!

  2. NotQuiteaBride said on February 13, 2009

    that is awesome. You are the queen of craftiness.

  3. beautifuliving said on February 13, 2009

    I’m not into wine but you make me want to start drinking a lot of it so I can do this.

  4. CHIC Sensibility... said on February 13, 2009

    Cute idea. I love it. Now if only I can pop enough wine and champagne, he he. Happy love day.
    Stay chic!

  5. sarahkeith said on February 14, 2009

    Oooh, I love that cork heart! Beautiful.

  6. Baby Claire said on February 15, 2009

    this is awesome. i have about a billion wine corks too…. i’m considering copying the heart idea but just sticking it into a wall.

    love love love. thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Jennifer said on February 16, 2009

    another use for all those corks is a trivet. my wine loving, cork collecting parents made each of their 4 children a mahogany/cork trivet for x-mas one year and i use mine all the time!

    btw, totally love your blog… just spent the last two work days trolling through the entire thing from start to finish. as a fellow graphic designer/former solana beach resident/DIY loving person your blog is an inspiration!

  8. Ashley L. said on February 17, 2009

    OH! I love these pictures! So cute!

  9. Lychee said on February 18, 2009

    Such a wonderful idea! The color of each cork is so lovely and unique. I may have to borrow this great idea.

  10. Mrs. Buck said on February 18, 2009

    We just started saving our corks…and I wasnt sure exactly what I wanted to do with them…but you’ve given me the inspiration I need. Let the collecting continue!

  11. Kim B. said on February 21, 2009

    These are fabulous! My husband is a sommelier . . .well, to tell the whole story, he’s an Italian sommelier whom I met in an Italian winebar here in Paris the second day I moved to town!!!

    So needless to say, corks are important to us, and I definitely have cork boards made with memorable corks.

    But I looooove love love the idea of inverting them – the heart with its stained corks is just so simple and elegant.

    This is an idea to keep up my sleeve! Thanks!

    (Found you through Jenna Hein’s blog, which I found through Style Me Pretty).

  12. Courtney said on February 24, 2009

    I just adore this idea. I saw it on Vancouver Bride and came here to see more. I’m glad I did: you have a lovely blog!

  13. fleurfatale said on March 14, 2009

    Oh, this is beautiful, from now on, I am collecting corks too!!!! thanks for sharing!

  14. disa said on September 22, 2009
  15. Kyle Lynn said on March 17, 2010

    I love this and want to use this heart cork concept and put it in a shadow box as a wedding present…. any suggestions on how to keep the corks in place? I am in the brainstorming phase…. thanks for sharing.

  16. Gina said on June 11, 2011

    This is awesome!!! i found your link on hgtv blog :)

  17. Susan said on September 18, 2011

    I love that you are a wine lover and saver of corks too! I have quite a stash myself and keep thinking about the fun board or SOMETHING that I’ll make with them some day!

  18. Wandered By... said on September 20, 2011

    Very lovely outcome of labor and love. I love the coloration and the gradient of this piece. Who did you give this to?

  19. Lauren said on November 23, 2011

    Does anyone know what she used to connect the corks???? I love this and want to create my own!!!
    Hot glue seems like it wouldn’t hold so well????

  20. Jenn said on February 20, 2012

    Gather wine/ champagne corks from a wedding reception. Use a shadow box and hot glue corks in heart shape to a mat board. Great wedding gift!!!

  21. Tency O'Connor said on May 13, 2012

    I love the heart from the corks. I assume glue gun was used, correct? I did find a heart shaped balsa wood but wanted to know what color is the wood base. Can’t tell with the picture. It looks dark and I thought maybe just to stain the wood base??? Anyone know?

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