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Archive for February, 2009

February 6, 2009

a new project

I’ve been working on a little somethin’ somethin’ with some designer friends. And we’re about ready to share. But we were thinking maybe you’d like to see what’s coming?

can. not. get. enough. wedding.

I’m ready to admit it. And I believe that admitting your problem is the first step?

February 6, 2009

our wedding: the rehearsal dinner

Kay, here we go with the real photos from the wedding. I think I’ve waited long enough, no?

Our wedding agenda went like this:

Thursday night – Rehearsal Dinner
Friday – the actual Rehearsal + Cocktail party

Saturday – The Big Party

Sunday – Brunch. (Seriously tired. Cannot believe we did brunch. omg, that was one thing too many. I could barely talk on Sunday.)

SO, anyway. We shall commence with the rehearsal dinner. Which was so fun. And no one ever posts pictures of the events leading up to their wedding, do they?

We were super lucky to have Michele with us all weekend, which means we are also double lucky to have beautiful pictures from the whole amazing party.

(Mandatory pre-dinner cockail hour for mingling and calming of the nerves with martinis)

(DIY jam placecards in action!)

(Aren’t Sky & Melanie cute? I love this picture)

Post wedding words:

Only allow yourself a finite amount of obsessing once you get your photos back. I keep looking at them and while I love love love them, I keep wishing I had done more to make it perfecterest. Which is so lame, I know. But I can’t help it. My rehearsal dinner table needed heaps of fresh dates and flowers down the center and pretty things hanging from the rafters and dark chairs and cuter tags on the jam jars. But this is all easy to want when the wedding madness is over and you don’t have 37 projects on your list at all times.

When you are in it, cut out as many projects as possible to ensure that you are not stressed in the days leading up to your wedding and allow you to spend time with the people who came to celebrate with you two. That is so much more important… well aware. Even though I can’t help making mental changes. To the event that has already happened. Someone cut me off from wedding blogs.

Dinner was at The Colony Palms, on the second floor balcony above the pool… for the curious.

All photos by Michele M. Waite.

February 5, 2009

alec soth at the national portrait gallery

These are like opposing perfections:

If I lived in DC, this exhibit would be part of my weekend plans.

Via NPR (the other love of my life). Rest of his work here.

February 4, 2009

the picture tag

Afton at Freckle Farm (love her blog. If I move to portland will I automatically become a notch cooler? I’m thinking yes) tagged me the other day… You’ve seen this game going around?

Choose the 4th picture in your 4th picture folder and describe it.

I’m not sure how other people’s photos are organized on their computers, but mine does not follow this sort of reason. Meaning there are about 6 layers of folders before you actually get to the photos. So I kind of adjusted, but still used increments of fours. This is the fourth picture from the fourth date folder from this year.

At least it’s kind of in focus? and is not something completely devoid of life?

Brock’s niece, Monique and his nephew, Isaiah… held by Brock’s older brother Sky at a recent family party. Monique might seriously be the cutest little girl I’ve ever met. Even though she spent the entire party showing off the frosting coating the inside of her mouth. Still cute.

February 4, 2009

garden stalking

I have (yet another) mildly unhealthy obsession to share. SURPRISE! I like to cruise neighborhoods peering into people’s gardens, snooping their ideas for plant combinations and ogling particularly impressive botanical specimens. Is that so weird, really? It’s like unorganized garden touring…

Brock and I dropped into Del Mar for a moment over the weekend to have dinner with my grandpa while my parents are out of town, in Africa (ahem, jealous) for 3 weeks. And we fit in a little moseying around the old ‘hood. Del Mar has some beautiful tangly gardens and overgrown alleys for interested parties like moi. Beautiful in the old, neglected, fed by sea air sort of way.

It was so beautiful in San Diego over the weekend I could barely take it. One of those mornings that makes us consider moving back down sooner than planned. The light, I’m telling you, it was all about the wintery clear light.

Also, the 2nd picture… current object of particular affection for me: Two. Story. Cactus. I want. It lives next door to Brock’s dad. But that is not good enough. No.

February 3, 2009

rings i might need an excuse to have

i love.

simple and organic and golden and kind of indian inspired, no?

Melissa Joy Manning is apparently a friend of Heath, which AUTOMATICALLY makes her a friend of me. Even though she doesn’t know it. I’ve been cleaning up my workspace at home and found a little holiday mailer from our favorite ceramics factory, advertising other handcrafted design-minded artisanal small businesses (in their words) who make great gifts. yes. I imagine they do…

February 2, 2009

flowers from sweden

many flowers on the internet today. these are quite seriously, shockingly, almost sickeningly beautiful.

I don’t speak Swedish, but I do understand pretty pictures… so I think I get the gist.

Seriously? Gasping. That last one… geez.

As if Saipua doesn’t come up with enough petal laden content on her own, she posted this:

February 2, 2009

love flowers from rose & radish

First, rose & radish is rad. I love them. And I especially love their floral arrangements. If we lived in San Francisco, I would be doing some SERIOUS hinting with regards to receiving flowers from their little shop when the occasion calls. Like, say, today.

Second, for Valentine’s Day, they have this neat idea where they pair design objects with flowers, which of course makes the most perfect gift of all time.