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April 30, 2009

A homemade life

Finally reading it.

I’m notorious for saving things like books and gift cards and special jams and oils until the perfect moment. For instance, Harry Potter 7? Still on my bookshelf waiting. I’m terrified for the series to be over, so I’m just not reading the last book. NERD.

And Molly’s book. I’m only just beginning, but I’m forcing myself to read slowly, maybe only one chapter per night. And already it has reduced me to tears on multiple occasions. Such a sap I’ve become in my advancing age. Anyway, it’s beautiful and makes me feel like I have no purpose in life. Only scattered hobbies and a job. Le sigh.

But it’s softly, passionately inspiring. Maybe I need a trip to Paris to fully understand my calling? Yes. Mostly likely that is it. Looking at tickets now…

(I’m labeling this as “buy handmade.” Even though she didn’t technically make the book herself, she did make all the lovely words and I think that’s just as good).


  1. Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said on April 30, 2009

    I tried to read this book slowly, but couldn’t stop myself! Molly is so fabulous!

    Yes, we all need soul-searching trips to Paris! :)

  2. Color Me Green said on April 30, 2009

    i’m on a long waiting list to read this book from the library, but it will be worth it, i can’t wait! i always like to check books out from the library first and then buy it if i feel like it’s something i need to have in my life permanently.

  3. Darci said on April 30, 2009

    Love this. I stopped Harry Potter 7 halfway through because I didn’t want it to be over (but I eventually finished, you should read it). I am going to have to run out and get this one.

  4. fresh365 said on April 30, 2009

    I’ve been meaning to pick up this book. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Joslyn said on April 30, 2009

    yes, i love, love, love this book!

  6. Melissa said on April 30, 2009

    This looks like such a great book. I’m checking my library today to see if they have it :)

  7. jora said on April 30, 2009

    You have much more patience than I. I devoured it in 2 nights. Even though my copy was on its way to me, I had to borrow a friend’s just couldn’t wait. Soooooo good!

  8. Meg said on April 30, 2009

    Oh! I don’t know her and I don’t know her blog, but I’m buying the book.

    On a side note, I really know what you mean. I’ve stopped myself from reading Ready Made’s editoral peices at night, because they were making me sad, like I didn’t have the life I needed. BUT, because I see a bit of you from the outside, I can say that you have so much more then some scattered (and fantastic) hobbies and a job. You do a heck of a lot. So give yourself that today, or try. I’ll try too. We can make a deal.

    PS I’ve been adoring what your blog has become post wedding. It’s so… inspiring!

  9. melanie said on May 3, 2009

    You have more life purposes than most people i know:)

  10. Rebekka said on May 6, 2009

    I just started yesterday, and I feel you! I am trying to read it ever so slowly, but it’s so difficult to put down. It’s absolutely, undoubtedly, even more alluring than I expected it to be.

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