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Archive for May, 2009

May 7, 2009

grow things on your house

If you live in Alaska (which is where this photo was taken), I bet this is an excellent way to warm up your seedlings in the spring… you know from the house heat.

But it’s also just super cute and a neat way to “farm” in small spaces. Even if you live in Venice (California) and have a teeny side yard of open space you could still grow lettuce in troughs along the side of your house.

I love green things.

via Urban Greenery

May 6, 2009

melanie’s invites in the works

Almost done with a cute invite set for my STB sister-in-law, Melanie. And I’m kind of freaking out thinking this could be one of my last Gocco projects? How could they stop making supplies??? So disappointing. I’m counting on an industrious indie crafter to come up with easy alternatives. and soon.

Some little peaks of the project. Hopefully they’ll go out in the mail tomorrow. And I think we’ll post the finished pieces on 100 Layer Cake next week.

May 5, 2009

new old glads

Firstly, has anyone ever ordered anything from PiperLime? The insides of the box are kind of worth it…

I think I’m going to rip the side flaps off and save them for limey postcards.

Second, if you’re in the market for sandals for summer, might I recommend my bestest friends: Cynthia Vincent Dinah gladiators. I was in a panic last week thinking that I’d wear my first pair to shreds and be left alone and sandal-less for the rest of the year. And after 2 days of sandal shopping in New York, still empty handed, things were looking bad. Until I found them on PiperLime. Joy of joys, I now have a back up pair.

They also come in black and chartreuse suede… but the brown is so nice. And goes with absolutely everything. Seriously I’ve probably worn these 300 times since I bought them last spring. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is. Unless you hate gladiators. Or sandals in general. Or my taste. Which is fine. I’m not known for my estilo, necessarily.

And as you can see, they break in nicely. I’m not really looking forward to the stiffness of my new ones. But I’m comforted by their new home in my closet.

May 4, 2009

semi-DIY potting bench

I have to tell you, Sunset has been seriously rocking recently. I can’t decide if I’ve changed or if they’ve changed, but either way I’m quite pleased with our current relationship.

Aside from the magazine, they have a great blog, One Block Diet (which actually just won a James Beard Award), an amazing test garden, and they raise chickens and bees and grow ingredients for beer and all sorts of other good things.

And they have really good ideas in the magazine. Like good enough that I’ve actually dog-eared half of the pages in the April issue. I successfully completed one of those projects this weekend.

Potting Bench Euphoria, people. They made it so easy I couldn’t resist:

So here’s their idea: Buy an old table from a thrift store. Put the old table in your backyard. Voila! And here I’ve been waiting years for one because I couldn’t be bothered to build one. Or have someone build one for me (more like it).

I successfully found and purchased a funky old pine desk at a thrift/antique-ish store up the street from my house. Instead of bricks for the “floor” I used a bunch of random old cement pavers that have been lurking around the side yard since we moved in. (So satisfying to find a use for them.) And I bought a few old crates at the flea market a few weeks ago to use for shelves.

I soooo wish I would have taken a “before” photo. It was hideous. Weeds and pots and neglected plants and bags of soil. Since you can’t see the before, I know you won’t be as ecstatic as I am with the results, but here goes:

I love that it has drawers for keeping pruners and plant tags and other essentials that have been cluttering up the laundry room forever. And I love that I now have a place for little horticultural experiments outside of the kitchen. Plus I can dry flowers on the lovely bars that decorate our windows. I’m so happy.