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June 24, 2009

need this garden

Did anyone else see this in July’s Martha?

I nearly fell off my chair.

But then again, how could you possibly eat all of that food? we can barely BARELY give away all the stuff coming out of our garden right now. Though I should mention that most of that stuff is squash and really, people can only eat so much of it.

Next year I will turn our ENTIRE BACKYARD into raised beds and get a stand at the farmer’s market and live a fruitful life of food growing and cooking.


  1. erin said on June 24, 2009

    beautiful! had huge pile of squash to deal with last night, so decided to grate it, added a little garlic, asiago, basil, s&p, a touch of cream, and served it over pasta…tasted like something new and yummy! best of luck with yours!

  2. nole @ oh so beautiful paper said on June 24, 2009

    Sigh, I would just about die for a backyard, much less a garden as gorgeous as Martha's. A girl can only dream…

  3. Jane Flanagan said on June 24, 2009

    I'm obsessed with raised beds right now! I would love this exact garden with raised beds.

  4. rockpaperscissorsdesign said on June 24, 2009

    I wish I were there….and had a green thumb. What an amazing garden setting.
    Great Blog btw!

  5. vanessa - everything gardens said on June 24, 2009

    that view, those layers, it's soo lovely!

    i have a lot of clients turning their front yards into veggie gardens which is so much fun for the whole community. imagine if we all did, no one would go hungry :)

    loving your blog, where in la are you?

  6. lubele said on June 24, 2009

    I can't wait until Spring time and I can start up by balcony garden again, Winter is so depressing! Although my couple of pots by no means compare to this garden, but I can pretend, right? Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Jennifer said on June 25, 2009

    can we see some pictures of your new raised beds?

  8. lovelymorning said on June 25, 2009

    Erin – that sounds totally delicious! I think I might need to make something similar this weekend. Thanks!

    Vanessa- Hi! i'm in marina del rey. Where are you? Your store looks so cute!

    Jennifer – Yes! I was kind of waiting until the sunflowers bloom but I suppose that might be another month. I'll post soon.

  9. Johanna said on June 25, 2009

    It is incredible!
    I was just blabbing to my boyfriend last month how my dream garden with have lots of little paths between raised beds. Sometimes I feel like Martha has hijacked brain.

  10. loupita said on June 25, 2009

    This is just stunning. I would love to spend balmy summer evenings in this garden.

  11. liz @ chic on the cheap said on June 27, 2009

    my little patch of concrete is jealous.

  12. Kyle said on June 28, 2009

    I too pulled this imaged out of this month's magazine.. such an inspiration! I have a small garden in the front and back of my house.. but it's not my own house so I can't just do as I please with the land I live on. One day..

  13. Jess said on June 29, 2009

    how beautiful! i might need to pick up a copy.

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