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July 29, 2009

shoes. you torture me.

These have been quietly haunting me since they appeared on shopbop at the beginning of the year. And they are still there. Except now they are 50% off. And I, like, srsly need them. And they have my size. Still.

ummmmmm. Shopbop please make them 70% off. I could buy them, but I don’t need them at all (even though I just said I did). I work at the beach and I only wear flipflops and we haven’t been going out as much as of late so if I bought them, they’d just be added to my stacks of pretty shoes that live in their boxes that I wear every once in a while but mostly just like having because I love shoes.

See how I practice restraint? Perhaps one of you will go buy them and they’ll no longer be available in my size. Then I can stop thinking about them and move on.

Or they will go to 70% off and I won’t have enough willpower left to resist.


  1. Modelmental said on July 29, 2009

    That is so your colour too! Wedding rehearsal dinner dress right? They are lovely!

  2. Simply Mel said on July 30, 2009

    Oh the torturous love of shoes!

  3. Joslyn said on July 30, 2009

    oh my…you are strong lady. they are gorg.

  4. Mary said on July 30, 2009


  5. Kristin said on July 30, 2009

    love them! how is it that shoes can torture us so?

  6. {kiss my spatula} said on July 30, 2009

    oh my! you have serious willpower. :)

  7. iheartkiwi said on August 3, 2009

    consider it a boost for the economy… they really are awesome.

  8. Apt. #34 said on August 3, 2009

    I've been stalking the same shoes! I'll race you :)

  9. Sassy-Kitchen said on August 4, 2009

    I've been through most of your blog, because I just fell in love with it after a friend recommending it.
    You should get those shoes. The royal blue with your hair and skin would be amazing.

  10. Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said on August 4, 2009


  11. delightfullysweet said on August 5, 2009

    I know how you feel. Those shoes are too cute to say no to. And the color…adorable!

  12. yes, please said on August 5, 2009

    so? did you get them yet? :)

  13. Beach Wedding said on August 7, 2009

    These would be tough for Destin Weddings on the beach in Florida, high heels are bad in the sand.

  14. Mary Frances said on August 27, 2009

    I just saw that these are now 70% off – you deserve them for practicing self-restraint! Unless you already have them…

  15. Beach Weddings said on February 10, 2010

    Wow ! those shoes would liik great on the beach for a Florida Beach Wedding in the Destin,Panama City Beach or Pensacola beach area where the sand is white as snow, wouldn't they be bright ?? lol

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