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Archive for September, 2009

September 15, 2009

early morning walk with my camera

One of the few benefits to being woken v. early for no apparent reason by the chickens in your backyard is you have a lot more time in the morning to putter about before you have to leave for work. And when I say few benefits, I actually mean ONLY benefit.

The chickens are not being looked upon favorably at the moment.

But I did take a nice walk through my funky little neighborhood, enjoying the changing light of early fall mornings. It’s still hot, but the light changes even when the temperature stays summery.

And before I forget, I made this last night (with a few substitutions due to ingredients on hand) and it was delicious. Make it, if you know what’s good for you.

Strawflowers I’ve been drying to use for an undecided project.

scabiosa pods left over from our wedding.

Our neighborhood has a system of little alleys that run behind some of the houses and one in particular has been an urban farm plot, probably since the 40′s when our neighborhood was built. It’s a real victory garden! It’s also fairly neglected these days, but still one of my favorite places to walk.

asian squash vines peek over fences.

fence. I love grey.

see, I live in a city! we have graffiti!


tiny spider thread.

workbench. people are very into DIY home projects in our neighborhood.

particularly pretty flower.

Those fig trees I mentioned yesterday. I only took what would fit in my coffee cup. Must return with a bag.

September 14, 2009

impromptu cheese platter

From the weekend. We had our friends Deja and George over for a little Saturday evening football. GAAAH. Football season is about to take over my living room. I am not a fan of football season. But I tolerate it.

The good thing about it is, you get to have friends over during games. And you don’t actually have to watch the game, it turns out. You can put out stinky cheeses and chat with your girlfriend instead.

Anyway, back to the point. I scrounged together some bits around the kitchen to pair with a few cheeses we picked up for pre-dinner snacks. I do love a good cheese platter.

And figs. Our fig trees are just about done for the year but I found a secret stash in the neighborhood. Question: If 3 fig trees are growing in the easement between the street and the sidewalk, and they are full of ripe figs, and many appear to have dropped to the grass already, and no one appears to be enjoying them properly, is it okay to help oneself?

I’m voting yes. Technically anything in the easement is city property, right?

The figs were gorgeous and I’m debating whether or not to set out on a reconnaissance mission after dark to collect an entire bagful for another batch of jam.

September 11, 2009

vellum book covers

I was snooping around the martha crafts dept the other day and found these cute alternatives to paper bag book covers. We don’t have kids starting school so it’s kind of a project to stash away for later, but pretty right?

I love how the covers show through. Though this probably works better on vintage hardcovers than it does on 6th grade social studies text books.

September 10, 2009

andrew bannecker art

Look how cool his illustrations and prints are!

WHY DOES HE NOT MAKE POSTERS FOR ME TO BUY? or small prints to frame? He does actually, but not the ones I want. Okay, I would take one or two… debating.


via oh joy

Andrew Bannecker the website, and the shop.

September 9, 2009

Long weekend, mammoth

We spent a long weekend in the Sierras last weekend… Mammoth Lakes. My parents have a house there and we spend lots of vacation time skiing/snowboarding and lounging by the fire in the winter and hiking and lounging on the deck in the summer. It’s a good set up for all seasons.

I also managed to take approximately 6 pictures the entire weekend, all of which pretty much sucked, but I’m posting a few anyway. Because I do love Mammoth and it is really beautiful even though I don’t have the photo evidence to prove it.

We hiked to breakfast one morning and it seems the only pictures I took were of a burned out forrest from a fire in the early 90s. I do rather love the teeny trees finally making their come back around the old, charred trunks.

And I was pretty excited about this little piece of stonework on the side of the vintage diner in Red’s Meadow.

I spent the rest of the weekend napping, reading, cooking (a little), and generally resting. The longer, higher elevation hikes have the absolutely breathtaking scenery but we opted to stay closer to home this time around. Some of us weren’t totally up for the 20 mile day hikes of previous summers. Next summer for sure.

September 8, 2009

Sadie’s baby shower invite

My mom brought this up to Mammoth over the weekend to show me what a super cute invite my old old friend Wren made for her sister’s baby shower a few weeks ago. Isn’t it so cute?? I love the paper cut-out look. It’s so totally perfect in it’s imperfection. And as a designer, where everything seems like it has to be perfectly measured and even and blah blah blah, it’s so nice to see a more free, organic take on stationary.

I looks like she made the invites using paper collage and her own handwriting and then scanned and printed the actual invites. Or maybe she just color copied them? I think that’s what makes it so neat. That you expect to feel the paper pieces layered on top of each other, but it’s a print.

And the shower itself was a huge craft extravaganza with different stations around the house that let the ladies in attendance create a square for a quilt, a page in the baby book, a wooden baby block… all sorts of really thoughtful details that will surely surround Sadie’s little boy with huge community love.

Taking notes here for when I throw my first baby shower.

September 3, 2009

recycled houses

This is quick because we’re just about to get in the car to head to the mountains for the weekend.

My friend Danielle sent this link from a little story the New York Times did on a crafty old gentleman who builds/remodels houses using seriously recycled materials.

The photos are so beautifully inspiring, aren’t they?

Floor made out of corks! Ceiling made from frame corners!

Thanks for the link Danielle.

September 2, 2009

Glen Oaks, Big Sur

We’re planning a lil’ trip at the end of October to celebrate our first married anniversary, among other things. We almost chose Hawaii. Kauai actually. In fact we still have reservations there in case we change our mind YET AGAIN. But at this point I think we’ve made up our mind. We’re heading north for one of our very favorite fall trips. There’s something magical about the Bay Area in October, isn’t there? Maybe it’s all the good food and golden light, but whatever it is moves me practically to tears when I imagine all the things we love up there.

First stop on said trip is Big Sur. We have a very important wedding to attend in San Diego the day before we take off, so we decided to cut the drive a little short and stay the night on the coast. Mostly because I NEED to have breakfast at Big Sur Bakery. Actually I wanted to have dinner there but they are selfish and insist on closing the restaurant on Sunday night. We will SURVIVE on morning pastry, I suppose.

But the point of this post is that I found the most perfect little place to stay for the night. Glen Oaks. yesssss. I had all but resigned myself to a spider crusted, rotting pine cabin thing on the highway (which would have been fine, considering we are just stopping over for the night), until I found this little gem today.

Cute, no? Kind of modern-ish with rustic Pendleton blankets and fire pits and beanie-wearing. I’m super excited. And it’s pretty close in price to the spidery cabins with no design details. I’ll always pay more for a little attention to the decors.

I was also pretty fired up about Treebones Resort and staying in a yurt on the cliff above the ocean, maybe would have even preferred it, but they have a two night minimum. Lame. On Sunday even. I mean really.

More on the vacation later. I just had to share this bit today. After I confirmed our reservation of course. In case a whole horde of you were also planning to stay in Big Sur that same night. I have to protect my vacation interests. You understand.