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Archive for October, 2009

October 5, 2009

the squash

Item 5 on my weekend list, which I’m happy to report I knocked out with gusto. Harvest the squash. Pumpkins, butternut, some undetermined hybrid that somehow manages to pop up every year… there are many. More than this photo. The hybrid vine (always a volunteer) is still going strong so no need to pluck those beasts yet. And there’s a petit french pumpkin still turning color on the vine that I decided to leave for a little while longer.

But, um, what am I going to do with all of these? It’s kind of a serious problem. Our house doesn’t have a cellar to store the fruits of our garden for the winter. It has a laundry room? But if I stashed the squash there, it would be hard to access the washer. I’m pondering options. In the meantime, they’re waiting by the back door. And the orange ones need to get out of the sun stat because they start fading. I learned that the hard way last year.

In other orange news, look who else is coming in nicely on the other side of the yard.

Oh I love you persimmons. Maybe more than the figs. You are so versatile and delicious. And we missed nearly the entire season last year while we were in Australia.

Actually, I think I just love orange food. The squash, for example. I cannot wait to start roasting those. I have plenty of stand-by fall recipes in my head, (remember that divine minestrone from last year?), but I’m thinking I’ll get things going with Molly’s recipe for savory bread pudding from this month’s Bon Appetit. Must make a test batch before Thanksgiving.

(side note: just when I’ve given up on renewing my subscription, they come out with a great issue and I’m drawn in again. Blast. November is good.)

October 2, 2009

things for the weekend

This week has been a wee bit tumultuous as far as work and things go and I’m so looking forward to the weekend to catch up with myself and clean and garden and bond with my space. Yes I’m weird and take unmentionable pleasure in tidying my house and then relaxing in it. Brock will be out of town so it’s just me and the bump (or as my friend Nikki dubbed him/her, the sprout), and the chickens and my list of things to get done.

There’s a much larger list of “things to accomplish before February” but that’s another post altogether.

As for the weekend, here’s the game plan:

1. Remove piles of craft supplies and fabric from the living room. Lug sewing machine back into it’s hiding place in the guest room closet.

2. Package and mail 3 very important, very belated presents. I’m terrible with mail.

3. FINALLY unpack and clean vases/flower frogs from the wedding. Don’t judge. They’re sitting in boxes still. Must get them off the front porch.

4. Chicken coop. blaaah.

5. Harvest the family of pumpkins and hard squash lazing in the backyard sun. Time to clean up the garden. Though it’s been so hot, it seems unwise to plant winter vegetables just yet.

6. This list is incredibly boring. But it’s all I have for friday. And it will be so satisfying if I get everything done.