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November 13, 2009

Leggings report

Last year around this time my friend Becky, who is lives dangerously on the cutting edge of style, debuted these awesome “fancy” leggings with little gold zippers dressing up her ankles.

I was pretty taken with them. But when I stopped by the boutique next door to her house to pick up my own, sadly they didn’t have my size in the right color and I never followed up with much heart. But I’ve rued the day I gave up on them ever since. Like when I take what was previously a cute mini dress out of my closet and find that it has become a shirt (tunic at best), I’ve been saddened over and over again that I missed out on those zippered darlings.

Actually, it turns out I didn’t. I just haven’t been scouring Shopbop on a daily basis for the last 6 months, which means I’m totally out of the loop when it comes to fall fashion. (Side note: this has been immensely satisfying. It feels so good not to NEED to shop. Even if it’s because nothing fits me).

I bought mine at Tucci in San Diego. I was pawing through the sale racks looking for large sizes of cute things that at 70% off I could justify as a pregnancy necessity, all but ignoring the lovely regular people clothes. And then I saw them. THE ZIPPER LEGGINGS! A whole stack of XS with one lonely size M at the bottom, clearly waiting just for me and my ever larger belly. HALLELUJAH!

Shopbop is carrying two different pairs (probably more considering they have like 300 pairs of black leggings on their site)… by LNA and David Lerner.

If you are even remotely on board with the leggings thing, pregnant or not, you’d best be purchasing a pair of these. If you do happen to be pregnant, they sit low and have a nice wide waist band that’s been perfectly comfortable so far.

And now the second part of this post. As I was lost in the world of designer leggings this morning, I discovered something curious. Something I NEVER in 1 million years would have considered up until pregnancy. Denim leggings?

Could they actually fit and look cute with a long shirt/tunic/mini dress? They have an elastic waistband which gives me hope. I never thought I’d be so excited about elastic. But I’m scared to order them. Has anyone tried these on? So intrigued.

These are by Seven and Joes, but there are tons more options online.

Happy weekend. Please don’t spend 2 hours lost on the internet looking at fancy leggings like I just did.


  1. life according to celia... said on November 13, 2009

    this post makes me so happy. i bought myself a pair of "deggings" (denim leggings) about a month ago, and i LOVE them! they're perfect for the girl who can't seem to get her skinny jeans, skinny enough… like me. and the bonus, my pair has a zipper at the ankle so i have the best of both worlds. you should seriously consider getting on board.

  2. Holli said on November 13, 2009

    i'm a bit short and squat, so the denim leggings were no bueno, kind of looked like my skinnies were way too skinny

    but i love the zippered leggings! weird that they were so hard to find for you? theyve been abundant in stores in miami for months now, glad you got them!

  3. nicole said on November 13, 2009

    I bought two pairs of black leggings this morning (including zipper ones!) through Haute Look's Romeo and Juliet sale. More here:

    I like denim, and I like leggings! But I can't get into the demin leggings trend, sorry… xo.

  4. studio m said on November 13, 2009

    I have, and absolutely LOVE, my denim leggings. I truly wish I had bought 5 pair instead of just one when my sister tipped me off they were at Target a year ago for $9.99. Why oh why didn't I!? They're not REALLY denim so it feels like I'm wearing pajamas. What makes them better is that every time I wear them they get attention….and I wear them with sweater dresses and things so my thighs aren't taking the attention, mind you. I want to know where you, Celia, found ZIPPER DEGGINGS!!!! I want!!!!

  5. Caitlin said on November 14, 2009

    I haven't tried them yet, but I did just order some yesterday, based on advice from a friend…

    The thought of too many cupcakes and still feel like dancing seems to be just what I need for the holidays… Here's hoping they work!

  6. Anonymous said on November 14, 2009

    i'm in nyc, so i live in leggings for the fall and winter and i'm in love with the denim versions. can't have enough of them. my favs are from vince, madewell, seven, and james jeans.

  7. melanie said on November 14, 2009

    haha we call them "jeggings" for jean leggings. maybe that's
    they're lovely. one of my housemates has a pair and we all steal them all the time; denim seems to go with everything, so it eliminates the whole "do i wear black leggings or white? what about tights? i have grey tights… would that work?" go for the denim.

    and especially since i'm too long in the torso to wear even just short dresses without worrying about who's going to see my butt, leggings of any sort are necessity.

  8. Molly Jean said on November 16, 2009

    heck yeah! wearing a pair at the moment. they're called "jeggings" i recently learned (jeans + leggings). i wasn't sure at first, but they are as comfortable as leggings but look way more tailored. am hooked!

  9. paula said on November 19, 2009

    leggings have become such a staple for me. Now I need the zipper one's too!

  10. style-for-style said on December 9, 2009

    Hey they now have these at Old Navy for 8$!!!

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