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Archive for November, 2009

November 10, 2009

georgia, very briefly

I managed to leave georgia with mostly pictures of pigs. But here are a few snaps of fall in babyland…

big winter squashes ready for dinner.

pretty little vignette at olivia’s house

a very sweet baby

more babies of the porcine nature. sadly i missed seeing the teeny piglets because mama pig had them covered up with straw when we stopped by. smart mom, but how selfish.

and the quiet woods surrounding laura’s house. good place to take sleeping baby walking in the moby wrap while his mom naps.

November 5, 2009

colors, flavors, fall

As I was going through my photos of our trip I realized I’d taken a few the week before that were so nice and fall-like, it seemed it would be a shame not to share.

Katya’s shower was sort of the christening of fall cooking for me. Loads of colors and root vegetables from the market. I love roasted vegetables. For dinner I made a bunch of different types:

Winter squash (kabocha, butternut, and acorn) with thyme

Beets with balsamic and rosemary

Carrots with cumin seed and cilantro

Heirloom potatoes with dill flowers

I’m kind of getting hungry just remembering. The beets with balsamic and rosemary were a new combo for me, inspired by a Jamie O. episode and the bride’s obsession with Balsamic. They are here to stay. OMG.

And the dill flowers were kind of a neat addition. Very delicious. Plus all of the combos included the essential olive oil, salt, pepper, and in some cases a little garlic. Cannot go wrong when you toss and set in the oven on high heat.

And we had a yummy salad of Maggie’s Farm stellar mix greens (the secret to any successful salad) with persimmon, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts. Plus a bunch of other things that I’m not remembering at the moment.

So looking forward to simple, delicious meals. And lots of squash. And beets. And persimmons.

But first, I’m off to catch an early flight to Georgia this morning to visit Laura and her little man, Judah. And visit the farm and dine at Farm 255. And then I’ll be back with lots more photos. I think they might even have piglets right now. The farm, not the restaurant.

November 4, 2009

nouvelle parfum

I DO want to share photos and such of our trip up north, but I have to run early this morning to go track down a swine flu vaccine and still haven’t sorted through them all. So annoying really. UCLA ran out “very quickly.” Um, you have many pregnant patients in the OB practice, perhaps you should have ordered more? Anyway, how about some perfume to tide you over?

In general, not really a perfume person. I usually rely on fine scented lotions for making myself smell pretty. In particular Kai and Laura Mercier Coconut Almond. Actually the only perfume I ever wear and have ever worn is Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom. Oh my, if that isn’t the most perfect scent.

But I found another. And while I tried (I SWEAR) to leave the shop without this pretty box in hand, my powers of rationalization were too strong.

To start, because I’m so particular about perfume, I thought, well… if I really like this one, then I should have it because I don’t like most. (Genius, I know). But then I was thinking, it’s our anniversary in a few days and we’re going on a nice trip and wouldn’t it be fun to have a new perfume to mark our first anniversary? Yes, yes it would.

And so I am now the owner of Do Son by Diptyque. It’s so yummy and warm. I recommend giving it a smell next time you see it in person. But then, don’t buy it! Come home and shop online. Seriously, even Amazon sells it. I’m not going to say how much I actually ended up paying for it, but it was more than I discovered the standard online price to be this morning. At least it will last me like the rest of my life. Okay, at least until I’m 50.

November 3, 2009

currently reading/read

Not sure if anyone actually pays attention to what I’m allegedly reading over there in the right column, but in case you do I’d like to take a moment to discuss. I have not been reading Farm City for the last 2 months, just so you know. (Finally changed to Three Cups of Tea yesterday, as you can see). I’m terrible about updating that little bit and in the meantime have read many good books that you might want to pick up, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Farm City was awesomely inspiring. If you’re into growing food, or even just the idea of growing food, you should definitely read it. I tried to convince Brock we should get a pig. He wasn’t keen.

And since then, I’ve read:

The Tipping Point – I know, it’s super old. But I just found it while cleaning out our magazine basket and realized I hadn’t read it. I love pop social theory books. (is that what you’d call them?)

Harry Potter, book 7 – FINALLY. I’m such a nerd. I didn’t want to read it because then the entire series would be over. But I’m glad I did. It no longer stares at me from the bookcase.

Never Let Me Go – Excellent, sort of haunting and grey but thoughtful and lovely too.

Olive Kitteridge – I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one when I started, but I did of course. The format is really interesting, little vignettes about a small town that all weave the story of the title character together.

Her Fearful Symmetry - I was a little uncertain about reading this one too. The Time Traveler’s Wife was just so beautiful that I didn’t want her next book to be less good. It was excellent. Completely different, but she has this way with language and storytelling that draws you in instantaneously.

I’m always terribly sad for a moment when I finish a good book. It’s like you have to meet all new people again, just when you’ve really started to become friends.

My mission is to read as many books as possible before February. As if reading tons now will somehow fill up my reserves so Iwon’t need to read for all of next year. Doubtful, but I’m giving it a go.

November 2, 2009

cutest kids clothes ever?

I have a feeling these have already made the rounds, but I’m new to the baby thing so I probably wasn’t paying attention when I saw them the first time. Jillian sent these over because while 100 Layer Cake does like all things beautiful and nicely styled, we don’t usually post baby stuff. Even from periwinklebloom.

Seriously, how cute? But don’t they throw up on white clothes and get grass stains on their pants and cake all over their dresses? These children seem so angelic and prop-like. I’m not sure mine will be anything like that.

Also, we had an amazingly delicious time up north. There is now a layer of butter covering my entire body, directly beneath my skin. More on that soon. Need the day to collect my thoughts and go through photos.