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January 14, 2010

on mobiles

Guess what you guys get to do for the next 4-5 weeks? Help me decorate our front bedroom/office/craft room/baby room!

I’m on to mobiles this morning:

Because lovely reader Kaley sent a link last night to that cute birdy one in the bottom left corner.

But what about my very favorite flensted hot air balloon one??? We already have another flensted mobile in our bedroom that I LOVE, but I’ve been planning to buy the hot air balloon one for over the changing table. We clearly need mobiles in every room of the house.

Some people say you need the spinny musical one because baby likes that better. But I have to say, when I was in Georgia visiting Laura and little Judah he was pretty taken with just a plain ceiling fan.

Flensted hot air balloons on Design Public
Flights of Fancy softies on Parasols Boutique
Migration mobile from Sundance
Oras Wall mobile on Modern Nursery

So now I am debating. Do I go with my original plan or make a last minute POTENTIALLY LIFE ALTERING change?

I so hope I start thinking about other things once the baby is here.


  1. Taylor said on January 14, 2010

    I like the balloons!!!! I don't have a baby, nor an I am expert! But they are beautiful…and I am 26 I would like them in my room! :)

  2. Anonymous said on January 14, 2010

    haha. The balloons are lovely, and their bold colors will be eye-catching once your little once starts to see colors! I've always liked that birdy one though- and it might be a fun project to have going on as you countdown!

  3. Wishful Nals said on January 14, 2010

    they are all soooo cute!

  4. Caroline said on January 14, 2010

    Love the Balloooons!!! :)

  5. Simply Mel said on January 14, 2010

    The balloons for now…and then perhaps the sweet little birdies later on for decor because it is SO cute!

  6. Katie Carter said on January 14, 2010

    Oh so fun : ) I think the migrating birds or the hot air balloon one is so lovely!! I had a bird mobile when I was a baby and as a result my first word was "bird"…..haha!

  7. Anonymous said on January 14, 2010

    Well, I'm totally in love with the balloons!

    Don't be so hard on yourself about being obsessed with baby topics. I know the blogworld is a little harsh once a beloved blog goes baby crazy — but hello! This is a life altering thing! You're bringing a person into the world! And if you can do that and still manage to be crafty and thoughtful and all the things that are YOU, then the blog is better for it! Of course you will think of other things once the baby comes, but of course you should be totally immersed in it too!

  8. bigBANG studio said on January 15, 2010

    LOVE the birdies. i had one like that from sweden (and therefore so did my three younger sisters). it must be packed away in a box somewhere because like you, my mom believes in the magic of mobiles. something to do with her alexander calder obsession in the 70's.

    and thanks for the sweet comment about upcoming shows! i'll be posting about them as they approach, but i have one in bakersfield in feb and one in jtree in march. currently looking for a gallery in LA…


  9. jora said on January 15, 2010

    We actually have that balloon one!

  10. thoughtful day said on January 15, 2010

    Patrick bought the balloon one for Lyla shortly after she was born. I swear it was the first thing she laughed at. I would put her up near it and spin the balloons and she would just crack up and smile. It was adorable. I would go with that one. It's well designed.

  11. molly said on January 16, 2010

    oh, i DO love mobiles, and have one on my mind to make (a universe, with each planet knit or soft in some way.) the wall mobile's especially unusual, though i think i like the birds best :) good luck! molly

  12. Amanda said on January 17, 2010

    Hello Kristina!

    I had a baby in October and I made the birdie mobile for him! He wasn't interested at first (he wasn't interested in much at first!) but after about a month and half he loved to just watch it and laugh, but of course he ALSO loved the ceiling fan, and the birthday balloon tied to the back of my nursing glider and my black and white bear silhouette jammies AND lamps (he's my little moth) so I'm sure your little one will be thrilled with whatever you do for him/her :) Congrats on your impending new family member!!!

    You can see my mobile efforts here!

  13. bigBANG studio said on January 17, 2010

    i would like you to know that over the past few months of reading + loving lovely morning i have heeded your advice and invested myself in the purchasing, cooking, and eating of beets.

    you should also know that yesterday i forgot about the beets i was boiling whilst multitasking, and that the smell of waterless, charred beets in my favorite allclad pot is an absolutely horrid putrescence no one can even imagine. like burnt hair + molasses. just sayin.

  14. Erica said on January 17, 2010

    my vote is with the balloon one as well. and i'm with taylor! i'm also in my mid-20's sans-child and would still totally want it in my room…

  15. Kaley Grant said on January 20, 2010

    Yay! I love that you loved the birdy mobile. I am so inspired to make it for our home. Just have to find the time. My fave is still the tiny bird mobile. . . something about the balance makes me very content. Good luck!

  16. jen rau said on January 22, 2010

    love!!!!!!!!!! the birdies!
    such cool ideas . . . .

  17. Dani @ Weddings Fresh said on January 26, 2010

    ooh, i love the balloons! great finds and i love your blog!

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