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Archive for February, 2010

February 22, 2010

To find out or not

Since I have nothing else pressing to do today, I thought I’d share (by request from Meg and Peonies) why/how we decided to keep our baby’s gender a surprise.

Wait, I DO have things to do today. I have made myself an entire list of things. Including walk the stairs, go to yoga, go to Mood Fabrics (for no other reason than curiosity and a minor obsession with PR), and make Palak Daal from 101 Cookbooks. See? BUSY.

Okay, so back to babyland.

For us it wasn’t really a hard decision, or much of a decision at all. I’ve always thought I’d wait. As in there wasn’t really another option. And Brock was completely on board, even before I found out I was pregnant. There’s so much technology involved in the pregnancy and birth process these days we liked the idea of keeping things old school in one small way.

Plus, I imagine there’s nothing more amazing that hearing your husband say to you “It’s a boy/girl!” when you hear your child’s first cry. And I like embracing the mystery that is pregnancy and birth. We know a lot with all of our science, but it’s all such an amazing process we can’t possibly understand it all.

I know there are many (most in fact) people who need to know. And I think that’s totally great and fine for them. Some people are planners, some aren’t so much. I’m good with the unknown. We only know 2 other couples our age who chose to wait, which isn’t very many. It’s nearly the same percentage of people who don’t get an epidural in LA, (98% do).

But I disagree with one popular argument, which is “It’s a surprise either way”. Meaning If you find out at 20 weeks or at birth, you’re still as surprised. Um, no. Sorry. Of course you’re surprised when the ultrasound tech tells you during your anatomy ultrasound (and it’s very tempting to find out, even with strong resolve in the other direction), but it’s not nearly the same as waiting to actually meet your baby to find out who he or she is. The first way you have 20 more weeks to mentally prepare for your son or daughter. You will have a dresser full of pink onesies or robot and cowboy pjs and most likely you’ll have your name picked out.

If you wait til the end it will be the grandest surprise, 10 months in the making. And you’ll have lots of nice orange and aqua and brown things for your baby to wear. PLUS, you’ll get to hear everyone’s predictions along the way. Which is fun and can be influential in imagining what you’re having. EVERYONE tells me we’re having a boy because of the way I’m carrying. But actually in these last weeks a few dissenters have emerged. Including the baby oracle at Whole Foods Venice who has apparently guessed every baby correctly for the last year and a half.

Her prediction: it looks like a boy, but it’s going to be a girl. And I’m supposed to give birth tomorrow but I might go in tonight.

I’m not sure if I really answered the question of why, but that’s my take on the decision. We didn’t even consider finding out (minus that split second in the ultrasound room), and I cannot wait to see who’s been in there this whole time.

(onesies from a personal fave, Polarn O. Pyret)

February 21, 2010

Phillip Lim little girls

Anyone happen to see these on Gilt Groupe yesterday? VERY lucky we don’t know if we’re having a girl or not. I would have been powerless to resist at least one of these little dresses. Even though they are for 5 year olds. Phillip Lim knows.

Also, this reminds me that I have lovely pair of Phillip Lim pants waiting for me in my closet, SHOULD I EVER DECIDE TO GO INTO LABOR AND STOP BEING PREGNANT.

Thanks for all the super nice birthday wishes and encouragement. I know it’s only a matter of time. But yesterday there was a woman next to me in yoga who was 9 days over due. What does that do to your head???

More walking today for us…

February 20, 2010

I’m due

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but today is my due date…

AND it also happens to be my birthday. WEIRD, right?

Of all the 365 days in the year to have my official due date fall… baby chose today. Though, I’m pretty sure he/she isn’t coming out in the next 16 hours.

Maybe tomorrow? Tomorrow would be good. Or Monday?

Seriously, I have every single item on my to-do list done, even the most boring non-essentials like:

• Reorganize linen closet

• Clean up bag area in kitchen (do you guys have this? the place where all the shopping bags go? mine was a hulking monstrosity)

• Clean out fridge

• Go through filing cabinet and recycle 80% of contents

• Vacuum and clean inside of car

• Go through clothes and donate a large portion to goodwill since I will clearly never where my old clothes again once I’m a mom.


What else? The only thing that got left behind was the honeymoon photo album that I really wanted to get together before the baby. But maybe it will be a good project for in between napping and feeding?

Today I’m going to go walk the stairs in Santa Monica for 6 hours and go to yoga. And then have a spicy birthday dinner? And go into labor?

We’ll see.

February 19, 2010

When We Were Very Young

One of my very very favorite books from when we were little. My dad used to read these poems to us all the time. Sometimes with faux British accents (especially when reading the part of the King or Queen). My brother and I loved each one of these little gems and as Brock and I have been reading them to baby in bed, I realized that I still love them just as much. Maybe more. They’re sort of like old songs whose lyrics you’ll never forget.

I didn’t remember that this copy was actually my dad’s when he was little. I only realized it when I brought it home from my parents’ house in September and looked at the publication date. You can see it’s been very well loved. I would recommend this little book to anyone looking for sweet sing-songy stories to read to your little ones. I think it helps that Mr. Milne wrote these for his son when he was four.

Here are a few of my favorites to welcome you into the weekend:

The simple illustrations are perfect too.

February 18, 2010

zebi baby

I almost threw up I was so excited when I saw these at Firefly in Venice over the weekend.


Yet another thing I wasn’t sure I really wanted to share until I could purchase my fill… lest they sell out of every last pair of bloomers before I’ve claimed my own. But alas, I shall wait these final few days to see if I will be buying for a little he or a little she.

Let me show you some better product shots from around the internets:

Their patterns and the fabrics are soooooo nice. And hello matching tees for bloomers and lounge pants! Just the thing for baby vomit and pureed sweet potatoes to adorn.

I’m desperate to have my own collection stashed safely in our dresser. But because I am such an extraordinarily patient person, I will allow myself to wait a few more days. At which point I will deserve a reward. For my waiting skills. I believe they call this “delay of gratification” in certain psych circles.

Here’s a final question for you: Which is going to be worse?

Being able to buy gender appropriate clothing for the little one, thus unleashing an uncontrollable buying spree for baby?


Finally after 10 months being able to shop for SELF for clothes that have things like waist bands and other details you take for granted when you’re not pregnant?

Tis a toss up. But I’ve started my scouting either way.

February 17, 2010

my official, professional belly shots

By the very talented and super nice Jen Rau. She has so many cool lenses. I was/am jealous.

(We got our rocker! yaaaay)

(Note, that is not retouched. I literally have no belly button. It just sort of flattened out and disappeared. I hope it comes back.)

I nearly didn’t have any taken, but then Jen popped up at the last minute. We posted one of her weddings on 100LC, and I then found out that she lives in the LA area and that my sister-in-law has known her for years. Which meant we were like auto-friends once removed. And she happened to be down my way on Friday which just seemed too serendipitous to ignore.

We haven’t even seen all of them yet, but there are a few more on Jen’s blog that you can see if you’d like.

Anyone in the So. Cal area (or anywhere, for that matter) should definitely contact Jen about shooting your wedding. She’s seriously so nice and has such an easy way about her… which is exactly the only thing you want when you’re about to get married. PLUS she takes just luuuuurverly photos.

February 16, 2010

weekend… in waiting

Okay, not quite yet. I haven’t reached the overly anxious state, but I’m starting to wonder when it’s going to happen.

This weekend, we enjoyed

Valentine’s brunch at Gjelina. Delicious and much less stressful than dinner out.

Little tokens of affection.

More projects… I realized that while using our stroller as a bassinet is both space saving and economical, we don’t have a sheet. Which seems important for leaking diapers and things. And Bugaboo, which makes every single accessory on the planet including a coffee cup holder, doesn’t make one. So I made a simple pillowcase-style sheet for ours. I’m sure it will work just fine.

And a looong hike in Temescal Canyon (as part of my “let’s get labor started sooner than later” program), followed by a trip to the Getty Villa. By then I was mostly interested in the herb garden and lunch.

Though I did get a kick out of a distinguished set of older gentlemen making their way through the Men in Antiquity exhibit.

And now, here I am. Not at the Getty anymore, but you know, waiting. And also trying to enjoy the time I have before everything changes.

February 12, 2010

pieces of the baby room

Things are finally feeling sort of together in baby room/office. Still a few more bins of my crap that need to be gone through and mostly thrown out or given away… and still waiting on a package that’s supposed to come today with FuzziBunz and washable diaper pail liners and things. And I just ordered Flor tiles for a rug. But I’m actually feeling pretty settled in here.

Want to see?

Blocks from our shower.

A few soft friends people have given us.

Birdie tray I found at Ikea for keeping diapering accessories in one place.

Pretty swaddling blankets from Lotta (Thanks Kendy!) and Aden + Anais.

And pretty quilts from Deja and Becky. Thanks girls!

A bit of decor.

Tees from Kate Quinn that just came in the mail. I couldn’t resist. They’re having a support Haiti, buy a $10 T-shirt sale. And baby tees seem so hard to find. It’s onesies onesies everywhere.

Pillows on our 30 year old futon my parents have had since 1980. We stole it from the Mammoth house in December. A good substitute for a guest bed for now.

And more draft snakes! Though these are in our bedroom, where baby will be sleeping. I’m so confused about ideal temperature for baby. We sleep with huge down comforter and baby is supposed to sleep with one light blanket? How does that work, exactly? Hoping draft snakes will keep some of the colder air out.

And now friends, we’ve reached the 1 week mark.

I’m going down to the OC tonight for a girls sleepover to welcome home a friend who’s just moved back from New Zealand. Brock is a little nervous about me going into labor while I’m out of town, but I’ve assured him everything will be fine. Right baby?

February 11, 2010

mod alpha prints

For spelling your baby’s name? Or just for pretty decor…

Plus she makes all sorts of neat prints for hanging around the house:

JennSki on Etsy.

I love etsy. It is a magical place for the wasting of time and the spending of money.

(note: the above names are not necessarily names on our list.)

February 10, 2010

more gocco thank yous

Every time I finish a gocco project I wonder if it will be my last. Actually, I know this one won’t because I still have a few more bulbs left. But when are the supplies going to disappear altogether? And should I get a Yudu? Does anyone have one? I definitely like that it’s non-toxic…

For now, I still have gocco to print things like Thank You cards for our shower:

Pretty simple, but it was all I could muster yesterday at the computer. Now this morning will be spent actually filling them out and addressing them and stamping them.

I love checking things off my list.

Seriously though, would love to hear what people think of Yudu. Please share.