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Archive for April, 2010

April 9, 2010

flowers because they are pretty

These were our brunch decor on Sunday.

They’re still happy in our kitchen.

Have a gorgeous weekend. Things are looking up over here.

April 7, 2010

a quinoa salad

So blogging is hard when you have a new baby. I had visions of everything I would do while I was at home with him. HAAAAAA. Showering is a good goal. I’m trusting that it will get easier and I will sleep more and have more time to do things that I used to do, but for now returning emails is about as much as I can muster. And that usually takes me a few days.

But look! I made something! A salad for Easter brunch in our backyard. We ended up with 15 family members and enough food for 30. I was secretly wishing Easter would die a slow, painful death in the week leading up to it, but it ended up being really nice after all. Luckily my mom was here for a few days before and she worked tirelessly to restore our patio to an acceptable state for company. It’s good to have a gardener for a mom.

I love quinoa. It’s the most perfect grain and accepts nearly any flavor easily and deliciously. I’ve been eating it like crazy in the last few weeks. Mostly because you can make a huge batch, mix it with some miscellany from the fridge and have lunch and dinner for the week. Plus it’s a complete protein, which is handy if you’re a recently pregnant now breastfeeding vegetarian.

I initially planned to make something from Ad Hoc at Home for brunch. Something fussy and delicious like Curried Chickpea and Cauliflower salad. HAAAAAA. Like I was going to have time to pickle onions and shuck fresh garbanzos. But I did learn a really good tip from Mr. Keller when it comes to quinoa.

To prepare:

Heat a bit of canola oil in a saucepan. Add 1 cup of quinoa (or as much as you want to make), stir until the grains smell toasty. Add 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until grains have popped open and taste done. THEN, if there’s extra water strain it out. I used to just cook it until all the water was absorbed like rice… which resulted in a hideously gloppy mass of quinoa. But now I am a pro.

Once the quinoa is done you can add anything you want.

For this batch I added:

Roasted carrots
Fresh peas
Lemon-olive oil vinaigrette
Plus salt and pepper.

We’ve been eating it for dinner every night since Sunday.

April 1, 2010

Operating Instructions

A must read for new moms out there (and old moms too). And perhaps don’t read it until you’re actually a new mom, with a little buzzing baby running the show. I don’t suppose you could relate as well to Anne Lamott’s truthful, hilarious prose in the same way if your babe was still cooking in the tummy.

Laura left it for me yesterday when she packed up her bags to head back to Georgia. With explicit instructions to read it little bits at a time. But I couldn’t resist and devoured half of the book on the couch yesterday whilst breastfeeding. Every other sentence is a little gem and her thoughts are yours but recorded in a deliciously funny way. And there are tender parts too, that make you wish you were making such loving, astute observations about your own baby. But for now I will be satisfied that Anne has done it for me.

To wit:

“His hair is dark brown and thick, and he has what Pammy calls pouty baby porno lips. It’s a very beautiful mouth, but all you see when you look at him are his eyes. They’re not quite human; they’re more like those of a gentle extraterrestrial.”

Operating Instructions

I will be reading it again I am certain.

(PS. I am not reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I want to, but it’s a bit too philosophical for my brain at the moment. Instead I am reading things like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Which was great in that pure entertainment sort of way).