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May 19, 2010

peonies too beautiful…

to keep to myself. You can get them at Trader Joes at the moment. $5.99 per bunch. Insane, right? They are perfectly gorgeous and get bigger and more luscious every day. I literally watched them open on Sunday evening. It was amazing.


  1. leesh said on May 19, 2010

    yes, while that's insane my local grocery store sells them for 3.99 a stem! talk about breaking my heart!

  2. mandiegirl said on May 19, 2010

    So pretty, and funny! i just posted this morning about peonies that I bought over the weekend, and dang! that's a good price! I paid that much for ONE stem!

  3. figsandfeathers said on May 19, 2010

    so funny–a friend called to tell me they're in—heading over there and probably posting about them:)

  4. The French said on May 19, 2010

    Love that Trader Joes…thanks for the heads up. Can grab them for a baby shower this weekend:)

  5. Char said on May 19, 2010

    i want a trader joes


    these are gorgeous

  6. benson said on May 19, 2010

    gorgeous. just bought a bunch to bring to my daughter who (just like you) brought a bundle of joy into the world.

  7. Paisley Petunia said on May 19, 2010

    I spent the weekend in San Francisco at my friend's house and as a thank you gift, I went to the florist downstairs to get her some peonies…until I found out they were $16 EACH. Highway robbery.
    Thank goodness for TJ's.

  8. ticklishfromadistance said on May 20, 2010

    I am swooning here. Wow. My favorite!

  9. ***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said on May 21, 2010

    GORGEOUS! I absolutely love peonies…especially when they have the vibrant yellow centers!

  10. Kristin said on May 22, 2010

    and that's why they are and will always be my very most favorite flower. :)

    thanks for sharing. I don't think my TJ's has them yet…

  11. miscellaneous said on May 23, 2010

    such a pretty colors

  12. miscellaneous said on May 23, 2010

    such a pretty colours

  13. Kyle Lynn said on May 24, 2010

    So jealous. At our old house the entire house was lined in peonies!

  14. Samantha Holcomb said on May 24, 2010

    Gorgeous! I want to run out and get them right now!

  15. kio said on May 25, 2010
  16. bigBANG studio said on May 25, 2010

    Heaven. We had frivolously enormous, shamelessly fragrant peonies arranged in silver tea and coffee pots at my wedding. They were the stars of the show (my sister called them the sl*ts of the arrangements, much to my amusement).

  17. Jill said on May 25, 2010

    these are beautiful! Trader Joe's? Wow!

    Cute blog!

  18. iheartkiwi said on May 26, 2010

    too beautiful indeed. they are lovely!

    i'm throwing a birthday brunch on sunday and i hope trader joes is still carrying them!

  19. Catherine said on June 14, 2010

    I love peonies, they are a truly beautiful flower.

  20. Jaima Brown Emmert said on September 2, 2010

    Love those Peonies! Reminds me of my mother as she had one that always bloomed on her birthday.Jaima

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