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August 27, 2010

Months 3 – 6, on the iphone

It’s amazing seeing how fast and how much our little guy has changed since February. And I mistakenly thought he was cute when he was born! NOW he’s cute. (for comparison, you can see the first three months here.)

He celebrated his 6 month birthday on Tuesday with a momentous feat. He slept, for the very first time, from 7 pm all the way through until 6 am. It was wild. And we woke up like 5 times anyway because we couldn’t figure out what was going on. Now he’s back to his old tricks… waking up once, sometime between 1 and 4 to have a little snack. But at least we know he can do it. I cannot tell you how drastically my quality of life improved once he started sleeping better. I am like a real, functioning human all of a sudden. Hallelujah.



  1. HeddyShea said on August 27, 2010

    i'd love to hear what worked for you to get him to the point of sleeping so well. I am struggling with my 4.5 month old. he wakes every 1.5-2 hours a night. taking anywhere from 30min. to 2 hours to get him back to sleep… suggestions would be sooo appreciated. i'd love to start feeling like a normal functioning human again! PS. love your blog.

  2. Meg said on August 27, 2010

    Still rocking the fauxhawk I see…

  3. Rachel said on August 27, 2010

    I love the hair! He's adorable.

  4. Beth Wooten said on August 27, 2010

    I'm pregnant with my first, and so, obviously don't have any real wisdom to impart, but a few of my friends who do have babies have talked really passionately about the book Baby Wise for training little ones to sleep through the night. The basic premise is putting children on a flexible but very consistent 2.5-3 hour schedule of feeding, wake/play time, and napping. From what I've heard, an insanely high percentage of babies sleep through the night by 7-9 weeks. It also allows moms to plan their days with more assurance and freedom as well as getting better sleep, allowing better milk production. It is very parent-directed, as opposed to child-directed. But again, I haven't applied its ideas myself so I can't vouch for it personally.

    P.S. Your pictures are too cute!

  5. LisaB said on August 27, 2010

    We had our baby two days before you (you had yours on our due date)–he just slept TEN hours last night. We're in shock.

    @HeddyShea, I'd love to say we were doing something clever, but it's just happening. If he does wake up at night, we try to get in there before he's fully awake, feed him in the dark-ish, and he usually goes back to sleep pretty fast. But I know we're just lucky. @Beth Wooten, we *do* tend to feed him every two hours or so during the day, though that's when he gets hungry, not some sleep-training plan.

    I wonder if the start of solid foods is making it easier–takes a little longer to digest, so he's not totally running on empty by 4am?

    Love love love the last photo. What a smile!

  6. Rebecca B said on August 27, 2010

    congrats! that is a milestone. hope it happens more & more frequently.

  7. christina said on August 27, 2010

    so adorable!! i can't wait to have playdates!

  8. lovelymorning said on August 27, 2010

    ahh the great sleep adventure!

    @heddy – we were in the same place at 4.5 – 5 months. it was gnarly, to say the least. we tried to get him to drop wakings by bouncing him back to sleep, giving him the pacifier, etc. But after nearly a month of that we were in the same place. I hate to say it, because I know lots of people are against this (and we all know what happens when you mention a parenting decision on the internet!), but crying was the only thing that worked. And to us, because we were so beyond exhausted, it was miraculous. We went from a baby who woke 5 times a night (and who had never once slept longer than 7 hours in a row) to a baby who now wakes up once to eat for literally 5 minutes and then goes right back to sleep. I'm out of bed for maybe 15 minutes, tops. And that was in the space of maybe 5 days. People kept telling us it would just happen, but honestly, I think we had to be more proactive. Good luck!

    So yeah. We did it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    @Meg – u know it.

    @Beth – I found the eat-wake-sleep theory that baby wise suggests to be helpful, but couldn't get in to hyper scheduling. I was definitely pro feeding "on demand", especially in the beginning. But now he eats every three hours no problem and has since about 3 months.

    @Lisa B – I still can't believe how weirdly parallel our marriage and baby lives have been! You're so lucky that your little one is doing it on his own. We definitely had to "coach", but again, totally worth it. I do think the food thing helps. But I really believe that letting Dashiell learn to put himself to sleep was the key and has put everyone in a MUCH better place. I hope things continue in the right direction for both of us!


  9. HeddyShea said on August 27, 2010

    thanks so much for the responses beth/lisa/and of course Kristina. I was in complete breakdown mode this morning- tears wouldn't stop- and feeling like how much longer can i function on such little sleep! I have been reading Dr. Ferber's book, but feeling so hesitant to implement- i guess out of guilt. recognizing I caused these sleep "associations" that are making him wake so frequently (i.e. co-sleeping/ nursing to sleep). I guess being a first time mommy I wanted to make sure I was creating the best bond possible, and in the beginning it worked to have him next to me- and nurse when he wanted. But now- he doesn't sleep being next to me- and nursing only works when you initially lay him down, but all wakenings after i have to go through an entire repetoire of getting him back to sleep.I guess i was feeling like i'm the bad mommy who now has to let him cry so i can get some rest. But, i feel so-so-so much better knowing i'm not alone, and others have gone thru the same!

    ps. love the crib bumper/stuffed animals. I too used lotta's book to make Jackson's bumper! Love her book- i've made the diaper bag, blanket, changing pad, nursing cushion, etc. can't wait to get back to my project list and actually start creating again!


  10. ali said on August 27, 2010

    He is too cute. It is such an amazing experience watching them grow and start to have personality. I know this from the experience of watching other babies around me grow to become children.

  11. Char said on August 28, 2010

    love this little storyboard of growth – he's so adorable

  12. Amy K said on August 28, 2010

    So happy to hear you are getting some rest! Sometimes crying it out is the only solution. My first baby woke up every 2 hours for a full year and I finally had to "Ferberize" him. Although it was hard, it worked like a charm. My second baby is now almost 3 months and sleeps way better at night – usually goes down around 7 and only wakes up once around 2:30 for a quick feeding and then right back to sleep until 6 or 7. One thing I did differently this time was not rush to his bassinet/crib at the first peep he makes – I think sometimes he wakes a little but soothes himself back to sleep. I also started putting him in his crib around 6 weeks – before that he was in bed with us – which seems so much easier when you are breastfeeding but I learned the first time around is harder as they get older!

  13. Erin said on August 28, 2010

    He is so cute!!! Still haven't made it to yoga but my little guy is 10 weeks now and we are planning to make it there very soon. Are you still going with him? As far as sleeping,sleep deprivation made me bananas. My sis has 3 kids and walked us thru step by step to getting him to sleep. she swears by babywise and the book has been our baby bible. He sleeps 10 hrs, the same, 7 to 6 and I am human again. We did have to let him cry 1 night for 1/2 hr and it was hardest thing I ever had to do but he never got up again for the 1 am snack. . My sis swears that the rest of babywise series is the best for potty training,naps ect. Her kids are the most rested well behaved kids I know so it works!! AhH! this motherhood thing is a trip! Hope to meet you soon!!

  14. carolina postcard said on August 29, 2010

    Oh, this is all so good to hear. My baby is 10 weeks and a good nights sleep has eluded us! I've resisted the cry it out, but it sounds like the only thing that really works in the end. It's just reassuring to know other folks out there are struggling too.

    Cheers on your little guy doing so well! He's precious.

  15. Holly said on August 30, 2010

    oh hello, cutest baby ever. those are some good genes!

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