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September 21, 2010

The best baby tees – on mega sale

Moms, listen here. Go as fast as humanly possibly to MilkShop and purchase enough C&C California tees to last through your baby’s first 3-4 years.

They are the PERFECT t-shirt. Super soft, great colors and they’re nice and long so you don’t have to worry about bare bellies always creeping out.

I bought 6 last week and I think I’m going in for my second round. They’re $5 each right now, which is literally cheaper than they’d be used at a consignment store.

BTW, my baby is officially better dressed than I am. He has new designer sportswear and I have spitty old rags. But these are the sacrifices we make, aren’t they?


  1. Law of Attraction said on September 21, 2010

    Thank you. You just made a friend of mine very happy.

  2. sharlyn emily said on September 21, 2010

    love the colors :))

  3. Victoria said on September 21, 2010

    Great colours. Yep, the kiddos wardrobes always take priority now. Even when I am out shopping for myself, I ALWAYS find myself looking for them!

  4. audrey and josh said on September 21, 2010

    … and I just went and bought 10 shirts. Thanks for sharing the deal!

  5. jennifer said on September 22, 2010

    both links are taking me to a customer service page. not an online shop. anyone else having trouble?

  6. sneffik said on September 22, 2010

    Jennifer- I am having the same problem. Anyone have a solution?

  7. Char said on September 22, 2010

    they look so soft and comfy

  8. lovelymorning said on September 22, 2010

    Oh no you guys. I think that's it for MilkShop. They said they were closing their online store soon, which is why the tees were on sale for so cheap.

    BUMMER. Weird that it happened the day after I posted.

    Maybe you could email customer service and tell them you want to purchase?

  9. perfect bound said on September 22, 2010

    Kristina, Do you mind if I ask where/if you registered for baby items?

  10. lovelymorning said on September 22, 2010

    ooh anne marie! how exciting, or am I assuming too much?

    We registered with and then I set up a second one on (or one of those sites) and added some of the things babyearth didn't have. But they pretty much have everything. and they have free shipping on orders order $50, which is awesome.

    if you have any more questions, please ask!

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