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September 15, 2010

vintage bath toys

My mom saves everything. EVERYTHING. She has a whole box of baby clothes (mostly mine, which wouldn’t be great for a little boy), and little blankets and things that my grandma made. Among which she found our Fisher Price bath toys. Which as it turns out are a huge hit even on the rug in the living room.

Dashiell doesn’t have room for toys in his bath at the moment, since he bathes in a big bucket. But we’re getting close to moving on to the real bath and then I’m sure these will excellent entertainment.

Do you know what’s even better about these? They were made in the US in 1974 (which is curious since I was born 4 years later) and they’re not the scary kind of plastic that everything is made of today. And, as part of our greener home mission, it’s always good to reuse instead of buy new.

Here comes the giant baby, capsizing his little boats and torturing the captain.

Delicious, as always.


  1. Sarah Smith said on September 15, 2010

    Oh I used to adore Fisher Price toys. Do you remember "Play People?" They were a favorite of ours as kids. Your baby sure is cute!

  2. Rachel said on September 15, 2010

    Dude – I had that tugboat guy! Instant nostalgia. Mine are probably tucked away somewhere too.

  3. Jackie said on September 15, 2010

    I loooove this! When I take my daughter to my mom's house, she always pulls out my old toys — and these little people are her favorites! They fit into a house with a doorbell.

  4. stephanie said on September 15, 2010

    I had that tugboat situation, too! Oh man, I kind of miss those things.

  5. Megan Champion said on September 15, 2010

    Too. Stinkin. Cute.

  6. Char said on September 16, 2010

    my brother had that boat – so many fisher price memories!

  7. Claudia Guerreiro said on September 16, 2010

    those are great! i wish my mom had saved something, anything! i'm trying to save things for Lily.

  8. Taylor said on September 16, 2010

    HIS CURL!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!

  9. Shannon Mac said on September 16, 2010

    so awesome!!

  10. Victoria said on September 16, 2010

    The are lovely. Colours so nice too. Great to see your own toys being used again. My mum has toys and books from when my sister and I were small. Our children love to play with them whe we visit her.

  11. Betsy (Miss B) said on October 18, 2010

    I’m pretty sure I had this when I was little. I recognize the little man and his hat. Fisher Price really is great at creating timeless toys.

    Your little man is adorable too! I second Taylor’s comment “HIS CURL!!!!! WOW!!!”

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