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Archive for October, 2010

October 29, 2010

Saving the season

Yesterday while Dashiell and I were at Surfas, I saw an announcement for a class on holiday canning. Which of course made me look twice, because as we all know, I love canning things. The instructor, it turns out, has a lovely blog on preserving and canning called Saving the Season. What a perfect sentiment.

He has all sorts of nice recipes (like pear jam, yum!!) and ideas about the process. Plus a whole list of canning resources for anyone who wants to get into the spirit of putting up your own preserves and pickles and the like.

Perfect for a little weekend project, don’t you think? I’m desperate to make pickled jalapenos from my overfull pepper plant. Perhaps I’ll make a bunch and add them to my little stash of holiday gifts.

This weekend we’ll be enjoying the sparkly fall weather, dressing up our little dude in his first Halloween costume, and someone will be packing and preparing for a short (but very sweet) trip to Berkeley on Monday all by herself.

October 28, 2010

OMG a Saipua giveaway

Some of you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, yes?


You could have these amazing flowers show up on your doorstep tomorrow. Top 10 giveaway idea of all time, if you ask me. And even better, they’re going to do it every Friday.

Everything good happens in New York. Hrrrmpff.

October 28, 2010

Kate Spade’s mocktails

Kate Spade’s Behind the Curtain has an excellent little series on Mocktails (for and by expectant mamas). I’m staunchly against mocktails at the moment, but there may come a time when I don’t have a choice. Again.

Recipes aside, it’s just too cute not to post:

Perfect inspiration for baby shower or pregnant party drinks.

October 27, 2010

Wooden spool toy

I picked up a copy of ReadyMade last week for the first time in years. It’s definitely more refined than it used to be and kind of a strange combination of indie crafts and Martha Stewart and budget Dwell? It used to have projects like “Make a tool box out of your old snowboard deck!”, and now it has recipes for an Indian dinner party. Definitely a step in the right direction, IMO. It’s actually pretty cute.

And look what I found on the last page:

A super simple and very cute toy made from vintage wooden thread spools. I happened to have a handful of these in my sewing drawer that I bought a a flea market years ago. Insta-toy!

I used two colors of leather (to make it cuter, of course) and actually tied knots between each spool, which gave it a little more movement. It’s so perfect for little teethers. And it took literally 4 minutes to make. I was feeling so Made By Joel this morning! (side note: he has another super cute use for spools on his blog right now.)

Dashiell snatched it right up the moment he discovered it on the living room rug.

Just reinforces my revelation (shocking, I know) that babies are so happy with things you find around the house. Yogurt tub, cracker box, magazine, ANYTHING made of cardboard. They’ve proven to be much more entertaining than most toys you can buy. Now if I could only come up with these ideas on my own.

October 26, 2010

Paper + Craft

Paper + Craft showed up in my mailbox while we were away for the weekend! I’m fairly certain it was sent because we posted about it on 100LC ages ago when we first found sneak peek photos online. But it’s sooooo perfect for crafty moms, I had to post about it here too.

First, it’s gorgeous. It’s small and paperback, but printed so nicely. The projects are concepted and crafted by Minhee and Truman from Paper + Cup. And the photos (by Johnny Miller) are styled by Randi Brookman Harris (who is a styling genius if you ask me) which means it’s completely satisfying just to flip through the pages. It’s so inspiring. And making me very excited for the planning of our first baby birthday party. I’m a little afraid I’m going to approach it like a mini-wedding. Which is a big problem with blogs and blog-born projects: they feed us TOO many good ideas. Sometimes it’s thoroughly overwhelming.

Look what’s inside:

See?? Don’t you want to make everything?!!

Highly recommend it. For yourself and/or (probably both) for a gift.

Of course it’s from Chronicle. I’m fairly certain they publish the best books in the genre. Buy it here.

October 25, 2010

from Palm Springs

We had such a nice, relaxing long weekend out there. We didn’t really do anything. Mostly just played with our baby and watched him tour the grounds under his own power, which was plenty exciting. I’m usually one to rent a house for vacation, or at least stay somewhere with a kitchen, but for the first time in a long time, I LOVED not having to think about what we were going to eat for the next meal. No dishes, no chopping, no stirring… just “I’ll have the omelet”, and Poof! Omelet appears.

And on top of that, I wasn’t constantly trying to get things done around the house while entertaining Dashiell. Instead I just did whatever he wanted all the time. Which was so excellent. We all had a brilliant time.

Dashiell made lots of friends.

And sat with us at breakfast in a high chair! Which was pretty exciting for everyone. He is obsessed with coffee cup jackets. Is it okay to let him chew on them? They are sooooo entertaining.

We even played a bit of tennis. (The Parker has clay courts!) Tennis is not so much like riding a bike, in case you were wondering. As in, when you haven’t played in a year and half, it’s a little rough getting started again. But it was super fun.

And we ran into Jora! Who was out for her sister’s wedding on Friday. Such a fun surprise. And then we saw Kelly and Paige and their hubs at dinner. It’s a small place, Palm Springs. And I wish wish wish I had a good photo of this amazing, ahem, bachelorette appropriate head piece Alexis made for our friend Deja’s bach party weekend. It was so so cute. I snuck out on Saturday for a taco party at the Ace with the girls. It was kind of crazy, being out at a bar again.

Finally, today is our real anniversary. 2 years. And look what #1 husband got for me:

The Rifle recipe box. It’s so big and pretty in real life. I’m so excited. He’s the best. The kitchen is covered in squash and I’m so ready to start cooking for fall.

It was a perfect little family weekend away. Happy Anniversary, my love! Every year (and there have been 9 so far, for the curious) gets better.

October 22, 2010

Happy friday + winners

You’re all winners, of course. But in any contest, there must be, like, WINNER winners. And thanks to, I have 6 chosen for the XX album giveaway. There must be a better way to do this, but because I am new at this, I just went to and told it to generate a random number between 1 and 114, six times.

Yay! Congrats ladies. For the record, I did have a few dudes enter. Which is kind of awesome! I’ll send you six an email to retrieve your mailing address. And then I’ll pop the cds in the mail. Sometime in the next, say, month? Haa. Okay, no. Hopefully I will make it to the post office next week. And remember, you can always buy the album for yourself! It’s only $9.99 on Amazon and iTunes.

Hope everyone has a cuddly fall weekend. We’re at The Parker, fending off their attitude, soaking up the sun, and working on our basal cell carcinoma. It’s nice out here. Ta-ta!

October 21, 2010

Homemade baby food ideas

I’ve been testing out some tasty combos on my little guinea pig and I thought I’d share some of my discoveries. It’s really so much fun now that he can eat a range of things. Moms with multiple kids: am I going to have the time to put as much thought into feeding our subsequent children? That’s the real question.

(That’s butternut squash, roasted sweet potato, peas, and pears. I realize they don’t look that appetizing, but they are delicious!)

I’ve been making batches of “base” food (shown in the photo) and then mixing it with extra flavors right before it’s time to eat. Though if I’m adding a ground spice or fresh herb, I puree that right into the main ingredient when I’m making the base. I’m not totally sure how you’re supposed to go about doing this, but my intentions of reading up on making the perfect baby food have sort of evaporated into my own experimentation. Which is pretty much how I approach everything in the kitchen, so no surprises there. But Super Baby Food and have been good references.

I’ve discovered that avocado, banana, hard cooked egg yolk, and pureed young coconut can (and should) pretty much be mixed into anything. (When I say coconut, I mean the young white ones that come wrapped in plastic, not the old brown dudes). And that adding spices and herbs is a fun way to introduce flavor.

Current fave combos include:

Butternut squash with cinnamon, nutmeg, hard cooked egg and coconut
Peas with cilantro and avocado
Pear with ginger, cardamom and coconut and/or banana
Roasted sweet potato (the white kind, not yam) with banana – (I peeled and cube the sweet potato before roasting and pureeing and it gave it a really yummy caramel flavor)
Roasted yam with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg
Roasted carrots with cumin and coconut
Peas (or green beans) with potato, parsley, egg yolk, and avocado

Plus you can add a little banana or coconut to any lightly cooked and pureed fruit. Or a little avocado/egg to any steamed veg. And I usually add a little bit of breastmilk too just to thin out the puree a little. Or to make a new food taste more familiar.

We’re just approaching the 8 month mark (OMG) and I think now we can start getting a little more adventurous with different food. Dash has tried guacamole (for instance) and he thinks it’s pretty delicious. Which leads me to believe the he can probably have onion and garlic in small amounts? I don’t know. There’s so much conflicting information out there when it comes to what you should feed your baby and when.

And then you watch Babies and in Mongolia, they use meat and a matchstick as a pacifier. We’re probably way too freaked out about food introduction here.

What do you all do? Any good combos or advice you might want to share?

We’re off to Palm Springs in a few hours. Hooray! I’m going to close comments on the XX giveaway shortly. I forgot that I need to choose the winners before we go. Oops! Giveaway newbie here.

October 20, 2010

the littlest – vintage kids clothes

The perfect collection of vintage kids clothes? Yes yes yes! Michael’s wife Elizabeth is sharing her collection (along with some of her own designs too, I think?) at a pop-up shop at HD Buttercup starting this Friday eve.

If we weren’t going to be in Palm Springs for our anniversary (wheeeeeeee!), I’d so be there. Vintage kids clothes, shopping, DJ, probs drinks? That’s a Friday night out I can get behind. Plus I love supporting other mamas in their endeavors around LA, of course.

Dashiell and I will definitely be stopping by next week. Maybe Monday. Though I’m afraid most of the clothes will be for little girlies. It’s a hard life, fashionably speaking, being a little boy.

October 20, 2010

Been eyeing…

… these ikat hobos from Tylie Malibu (which come in many nice colors and patterns). I’ve visited them a number of times in person at Principessa on Abbot Kinney.

You like? Here’s the thing. I’ve been carrying a diaper bag around as a purse for the last 8 months. I am over it. I could reuse an old purse, but mama would so like a new purse more. And I like how big these are (room for diapers!). And patterned. I do like the patterns. However a supple brown leather bag for fall would also be well received.

Really anything other than a diaper bag would be good at this point.