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October 25, 2010

from Palm Springs

We had such a nice, relaxing long weekend out there. We didn’t really do anything. Mostly just played with our baby and watched him tour the grounds under his own power, which was plenty exciting. I’m usually one to rent a house for vacation, or at least stay somewhere with a kitchen, but for the first time in a long time, I LOVED not having to think about what we were going to eat for the next meal. No dishes, no chopping, no stirring… just “I’ll have the omelet”, and Poof! Omelet appears.

And on top of that, I wasn’t constantly trying to get things done around the house while entertaining Dashiell. Instead I just did whatever he wanted all the time. Which was so excellent. We all had a brilliant time.

Dashiell made lots of friends.

And sat with us at breakfast in a high chair! Which was pretty exciting for everyone. He is obsessed with coffee cup jackets. Is it okay to let him chew on them? They are sooooo entertaining.

We even played a bit of tennis. (The Parker has clay courts!) Tennis is not so much like riding a bike, in case you were wondering. As in, when you haven’t played in a year and half, it’s a little rough getting started again. But it was super fun.

And we ran into Jora! Who was out for her sister’s wedding on Friday. Such a fun surprise. And then we saw Kelly and Paige and their hubs at dinner. It’s a small place, Palm Springs. And I wish wish wish I had a good photo of this amazing, ahem, bachelorette appropriate head piece Alexis made for our friend Deja’s bach party weekend. It was so so cute. I snuck out on Saturday for a taco party at the Ace with the girls. It was kind of crazy, being out at a bar again.

Finally, today is our real anniversary. 2 years. And look what #1 husband got for me:

The Rifle recipe box. It’s so big and pretty in real life. I’m so excited. He’s the best. The kitchen is covered in squash and I’m so ready to start cooking for fall.

It was a perfect little family weekend away. Happy Anniversary, my love! Every year (and there have been 9 so far, for the curious) gets better.


  1. east side bride said on October 25, 2010

    perfect. all around.

  2. joslyn said on October 25, 2010

    looks like a PERFECT weekend…that recipe box is super fab!

    happy anniversary!

  3. Alexis said on October 25, 2010

    it was so much fun to see you this weekend! looks like the perfect anniversary weekend! ox

  4. kelly said on October 25, 2010

    so fun seeing you and your mister! hope you two enjoyed your anny weekend. we were thinking of you at the Colony Palms on Saturday. xo

  5. Melissa said on October 25, 2010

    A tad jealous you and Alexis enjoyed a taco bar together ~ wish I could have been in on the desert fun! Perhaps our next trip to SoCal, and we will all meet up (while kiddos play and we sip something yummy)?!?!?

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Jora said on October 26, 2010

    it was so fun meeting you (finally!) and laying eyes on that sweet, sweet babe. :-)

    and happy anniversary!

  7. cianne said on October 26, 2010

    happy anniversary! i am envying that recipe box. sending link to the beau for christmas idea.

    also, ive been wanting to buy deborah madison’s local flavors book, would you reccommend it? i live out of “vegetarian cooking..”

  8. Kelsey said on October 26, 2010

    Ah, looks perfect! I am so in love with Dashiell’s duck, I like that he was peeking out from the highchair.

  9. charlane said on October 26, 2010

    sounds like a wonderful time

  10. Meg said on October 27, 2010


  11. Max Mcarthy said on February 25, 2011

    Very educating story, bookmarked your blog with interest to read more!

  12. Dan Theis said on June 23, 2011

    Thanks so much for writing this excellent info! Looking forward to reading more posts!

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