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Archive for November, 2010

November 30, 2010

It’s here you guys. Finally. It’s kind of hard to believe, I’m the first to admit. We’ve been talking about this and working on it for soooo long. But yesterday we just sort of held our breath and flipped the switch. And now it’s out there!

Amanda and I designed it. Do you like? It was such a fun project. It’s like all the years we’ve spent doing web design for other companies/start-ups/people have finally made sense. We got to do our very own site! And we have like 1 mm things we want to fix, add, update. But that’s all part of the process.

Go check it out.

We did a post yesterday explaining the main features, if you’re curious.

November 29, 2010

Mushrooms from Thanksgiving

Because they’re really the only thing I took pictures of all weekend. Oops. Melanie and I made all sorts of tasty things for our big dinner at our husbands’ dad’s house, but we didn’t really document anything. You will die when you see the salad Melanie made. Die. She’s promised to make it again for Christmas and post the recipe.

But for now, all I have are these mushrooms. Which are also quite amazing. We have a mushroom monger at the Culver City farmer’s market, LA FungHi (ignore psuedo-psychedelic name and site, pls), and his mushroom selection is sort of mind-boggling. He must have at least 25 varieties, and while he’s definitely on the expensive side, I am always tricked into buying a bunch anyway. In this case chanterelle, maitake, and shiitake:

I made a simple mixed mushroom saute and served them with little olive oil and garlic-brushed toasts. For hors d’oeuvres, that is. There’s really not much that beats butter (lots of butter), garlic, mushrooms, and a handful of fresh herbs. Unless you add a bit of creme fraiche and truffle oil, of course.

November 24, 2010

The Chronicle Books mega sale

Just in time for post-Thanksgiving black friday cyber monday shopping madness, Chronicle Books has their biggest sale of the year. And it’s pretty insane. Insane enough that I’m posting about it.

35% off. THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT. That’s like, cannot afford not to buy all presents from Chronicle, like right now.

Use the code FRIENDS for 35% off plus free ground shipping through December 5th. They have sooooo many cute kids books, craft books, design books, calendars, cookbooks, stationary, etc etc etc. Remember when I posted about Paper+Craft? Now might be a good time to pick up a copy. Plus about 17 other things. We’re getting Dashiell books for his first Christmas and I think I know where they’ll be coming from.

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving, all. See you on Monday, full of leftovers and such.

November 23, 2010

Good ol’ film

I haven’t developed a roll of film in, um, I don’t know… maybe 5 years? And let’s not get too excited here or anything, but I finally got a roll of Holga pics developed over the weekend. Even though they’re not GREAT, it’s still amazing how different the quality is, in comparison to digital.

Holga is amazing. I’m totally hooked and kicking myself for not shooting 100 rolls in the last few years. The first roll I shot, I dropped on the ground when I took it out of the camera, before I had a chance to seal the roll… so it unrolled itself on the way down to the floor. Sweet! Then I opened the back of the camera on accident in the middle of the next roll. And now I have this roll, which is a year old. I waited forever to develop these because it’s hard to find a lab that develops 120 film these days! It turns out that one of the few places in LA that still does it is right next to my house. I have a new favorite photo lab.

And now I’m inspired to go through the last 9 months of pictures and get started on Dashiell’s baby album. Maybe it will be a project over the holidays when we’re in Mammoth. It will be do sad if I don’t ever print his photos. I still love looking through the albums my parents have from our first years.

November 22, 2010

Jillian’s nursery

Can. Not. Believe. That it’s Thanksgiving this week. Oh my. I figured I could at least get it together for a short week of posts. But I’m a little overwhelmed by the prospect of December already. Let’s not think about that at the moment, kay?

Jillian, one of my 100LC partners, is having a baby in the next few weeks. Yay! Another baby! (There can never be too many babies, if you ask me.)

(Aren’t her belly pics by Jenny Ebert great?)

She’s an event designer and prop stylist and her hubs Scott is a photographer. Good combo for a cute nursery photo shoot, yes? They live in Brooklyn, and don’t have a ton of space. So Jillian turned her closet into the baby nook in their bedroom. Yes, she gave up her closet for the babe. Motherhood starts way before the baby arrives, in so many ways.

Look how cute it turned out!

So excited to see who comes out of her belly! I love it when people keep the gender a surprise!!

November 16, 2010

be back shortly

All of a sudden I have all sorts of work + the impending launch of 100LC. I know you don’t believe me at this point since we’ve been talking about launching our new site for months, but it really is getting closer. And I’m really focused on that and these other projects at the moment. Which means if I was to attempt posting every day, the posts wouldn’t be particularly inspired. Can you give me a few days to get things in order? When the holiday projects start, I promise I’ll have lots of pretty things to post.

For now, how about a slightly out of focus picture of my baby?

I kind of like it anyway. The light has been so beautiful in the evenings. I shall return when I have a moment.

November 11, 2010

Some things I’ve been eyeing

Today was one of those days where the moment I opened the internet, I knew it was going to be a bad day for mindless clicking and cyber window shopping. Like within minutes I had 24 windows open. Eek. Christmas is coming people and since it’s baby’s first, we must make it extra special, mustn’t we?

Like, need to get my amaryllis bulbs forced. Normally I do narcissus but this year I decided to go big and red.

(this special variety available at Terrain)

Also at Terrain, a really sweet chalkboard jam jar!?! For storing homemade jam in the fridge and labeling it appropriately. LOVE.

POSH Chicago has their vintage and vintage-inspired holiday decor up and ready for purchasing. Like these red cordial glasses (EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA!) and coil icicle ornaments.

Perhaps I need a festive triangley locket?

(Spotted on Celia’s blog.)

And maybe Dashiell needs some new, high fashion apparel? From Stella M, maybe? It is awfully cold in our house in the winter.

Or perhaps a notebook paper tee? One for baby, one for mama.

And those boots I’ve been doing without for like 3 winters? I’m not sure I can make it through another season without them. And because every pair I’ve seen and liked is $500, these Madewells are looking right perfect at the moment.

(Spotted on Suann’s blog.)

AND I have to make/find the perfect stocking for Dashiell! This is a big deal, people. My whole family has handmade stockings that were given to us for our first Christmas. The pressure! Time to visit Purl for some inspiration.

There. Now I can go on about my day.

November 10, 2010

Xmas at IKEA

I think like everyone I have a strong love-hate relationship with IKEA. Sometimes it’s genius and sometimes it makes me want to stick needles in my eyes, rather than finish building whatever it is that’s spread in splinters all over my living room floor. I’ve taken to avoiding complicated furniture and that truly does make a difference.

For instance, earlier this week Dashiell and I took a trip down to the nearest store for a high chair. Child is 8.5 months old and is still eating in his Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. Oops. We found an excellent high chair with a huge tray, that’s super solid and as a bonus, red. Yay.

But we also found all sorts of good Christmas decors:

The cutest tall, skinny cocktail glasses. A set of tins for wrapping things like cookies and breads and other baked goods. ($7.99 for all three, btw). And some simple straw ornaments. (I love Scandinavian holiday decor. All things Scandinavian, really. But especially their patterns, and straw things, and furniture, and glassware and textiles.) I highly recommend checking out their seasonal items. They also have a really great straw wreath, similar to the one I bought last year from Roost. And cute patterned paper bags for wrapping.

Such a typical IKEA trip. Go in for ONE thing, leave with a car full of assorted items, feeling sort of dazed and high from the sheer number of inexpensive modern products and swedish meatball aromas.

November 9, 2010

Drinks and snacks at A-frame

We can’t really go out to dinner much these days, but we’ve taken to showing up at restaurants at the stroke of 5 pm for a drink and quick bite before we have to head home for baby bedtime. The hilarious part is that we’re not alone! Who knew?? An entire dining culture centered around babies and kids!! And the bonus, you don’t need a reservation. Even at trendy new spots.

My mom was in town for the night on Saturday and we packed up Dashiell and his dinner and headed over to the brand new, ultra shiny A-Frame, that just opened on Thursday a few blocks from our house. (Side note: our neighborhood is suddenly becoming much cooler. Hooray!)

(Kabocha squash and Rapini tempura. yummmm.)

The food brains of Kogi are behind this yummy new restaurant that feels like part ski chalet, part modern farmhouse loft, part hipster bar, part 60′s IHOP.

It’s quite an excellent combo. The drinks are delicious, the food is yum and served on those tin enamel-coated dishes that you associate with camping in the 70s.

I do love a restaurant that puts so much effort into their cocktails.

And feeding the baby while we’re out it always good distraction. Messy, but a good distraction.

The only problem: they only have one high chair. UMMMM, not going to cut it for the young family dining crowd.

November 8, 2010

A very fall breakfast

Sunday we had my parents in town and I whipped up a most delicious roasted root veg hash for breakfast. I encourage you to do the same, perhaps this coming weekend. I don’t have a recipe, nor do I feel like coming up with one so I will just give you the basics.

We had the roasted veg for dinner the night before (potatoes, butternut, celery root, etc) and they were staring at me from the fridge when I opened it to ponder breakfast. I sauteed some onions and fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, sage) in a mixture of butter and olive oil, plus salt and pepper. Dumped in the vegetables and stirred them around, added some diced jalapeños and a bit of water to re-plump the slightly dry veg mixture.

Topped it with poached eggs and feta cheese. And served it with arugula salad tossed with lemon and olive oil. It seriously hit the spot. And reminded me that I NEED to make Rachel’s apple sage cardamom pancakes, like soon.

Siiigh. Officially enamored with fall. Again.

(Note: When I make this again I think I’ll add maybe turnips and golden beets to the veg mix. Twill be delicious.)