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November 9, 2010

Drinks and snacks at A-frame

We can’t really go out to dinner much these days, but we’ve taken to showing up at restaurants at the stroke of 5 pm for a drink and quick bite before we have to head home for baby bedtime. The hilarious part is that we’re not alone! Who knew?? An entire dining culture centered around babies and kids!! And the bonus, you don’t need a reservation. Even at trendy new spots.

My mom was in town for the night on Saturday and we packed up Dashiell and his dinner and headed over to the brand new, ultra shiny A-Frame, that just opened on Thursday a few blocks from our house. (Side note: our neighborhood is suddenly becoming much cooler. Hooray!)

(Kabocha squash and Rapini tempura. yummmm.)

The food brains of Kogi are behind this yummy new restaurant that feels like part ski chalet, part modern farmhouse loft, part hipster bar, part 60′s IHOP.

It’s quite an excellent combo. The drinks are delicious, the food is yum and served on those tin enamel-coated dishes that you associate with camping in the 70s.

I do love a restaurant that puts so much effort into their cocktails.

And feeding the baby while we’re out it always good distraction. Messy, but a good distraction.

The only problem: they only have one high chair. UMMMM, not going to cut it for the young family dining crowd.


  1. Desi said on November 9, 2010

    i’m sitting at my desk staring at my ginerade kombucha and it’s not quite cutting it after this post. i need tempura.

  2. charlane said on November 9, 2010

    yum…and i want the dishes too

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  4. Amy K said on November 10, 2010

    YUM! We’ve taken to doing the same since having our baby 5 months ago! : )

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