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Archive for December, 2010

December 2, 2010

Cactus & Quail is here!

Jaime has been working on this little project for some time now (along with the teeny project in her belly!) and I’m so excited that she finally launched Cactus & Quail! It’s a week of launches, isn’t it? She’s got such a great indie design style and her invite model is so cool. You buy the illustration, add your custom text, download the file, and print it yourself at home! Or she’ll do totally custom work too. Plus she’s got a little Flea Market where you can buy prints and other little projects that she concocts.

Cute, no? I ordered my bamboo birdie ornament this morning. So excited to have a little Jamie project on our tree! Shoot, I definitely should have added one of her rad pink and brown prints to my purchase. Must go back.

AND, she’s also one of my sponsors over there in the left column. Say hello, sponsors! They’re a great bunch of ladies and they’d probably like some company, so anyone who thinks their little project would be a good fit for my readers, email me! Rates are cheap, since I’m just starting out and all.

December 2, 2010

We’re a foster family

I have to come clean you guys.

Last year, before Dashiell was born, we gave away the chickens. *cringe* Does that make us super lame poser urban farmer people? Here’s the thing. Ours SUCKED. Like, bad. It wasn’t really their fault. They came from a huge free-range farm in Cayucos, and we brought them home to LA and put them in a little coop. Understandably they were only happy when they were out roaming around. Which we were all for, but not at 5 in the morning when they consistently woke up and demanded to be let out and fed.

Brock insisted that we needed a few months of sleep before the baby came (nice call, husb), so we gave them to a nice lady from craigslist who has a farm and wanted some extra layers.

But a few weeks ago, we took in a little flock temporarily while Clemence and her family move and ready their new yard for their chooks. It’s so nice to have the little ladies out back again! And these hens are perfect angel chickens who barely make a peep and happily peck around the coop day after day. Which is good because I would have been in deep sh*t if they ended up being loud and demanding like our first group. And also affirms my suspicion that if we raise our chicks from babies in their coop, they will be happy and not complain.

Dashiell LOVES them. Loves. He babbles at them incessantly when we’re out back and they’re tame enough that he’s even grabbed a handful of tail feathers a few times. I can’t wait to get our own flock again in the spring.

Side note: Brock compared having a chicken coop in your backyard to having a pickup truck… every time someone moves or buys a piece of furniture they call you to help. And every time someone needs a temporary location for their backyard chickens, they call you to foster them for a few weeks. EXACTLY the same. Exactly.