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February 16, 2011

Packing for Costa Rica

This trip I am DETERMINED to only bring the bare essentials. Like, for serious. I am a compulsive over-packer. As in, I bring 12 tank tops for a 3 day trip to Palm Springs. And I usually wear two of them. But this trip, since we have so much baby crap that we can’t leave behind (crib, diapers, stroller, carseat, etc etc etc), I’m really trying to whittle my gear down to what I’ll actually use.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1) My new Salt Swimwear suit 2) the perfect wrinkly button down 3) a handful of favorite tanks 4) AG slouchy jean shorts I’ve had for a few years and FINALLY fit into again 5) Linen wrap for cooler nights and nursing on the airplane/airport/ferry/anywhere 6) Lululemon undies that fit like a dream and will be easy to wash in the sink 7) a big, neutral beach hat 8) and of course Rainbows.

Plus a pair of yoga pants, a change of running clothes, a few tees, a maxi dress or two and a sweatshirt. And of course my bridesmaid dress! Now, the real question is, can I resist throwing in 30 extra things at the last minute?


  1. Giovanna said on February 16, 2011

    Coming from a compulsive under-packer, I think your list looks perfect. Have an awesome time! I love Costa Rica and am dying to go back! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. jamie said on February 16, 2011

    it looks PERFECT. be strong and stick to it.

    it is going to be amazing!

  3. aubree said on February 16, 2011

    Costa Rica holds a special place in my heart – in fact, I was married there. Seems like the perfect packing list – just be careful with swimsuits and the black sand – it can easily ruin a nice light-colored bikini. Let me know if you need any other costa tips, and I will happily advise!

  4. Kate said on February 16, 2011

    I would bring more then one suit…they never dry as fast as you want them too and nothing is as bad as putting on a damp suit. :)

    Have a great trip!

  5. wendy said on February 16, 2011

    Leave the crib at home and let your son sleep with you on the trip…….so much sweeter and easier than lugging a crib!!

  6. Desi said on February 16, 2011

    i hear ya, sista. i’m terrible about last minute stuffing. I will walk by my coat closet or start shoving random pairs of boots. at least your a tank top over packer and not a boot one like me. good luck.

  7. Rebecca Brams said on February 16, 2011

    bring an extra shirt for you on the plane. travel with a baby necessity. spit-up, pee, etc… just sayin’ (oh, and things dry fast on the plane if you aim the air blower at them – learned the hard way!)

  8. Kristina said on February 16, 2011

    @aubree – I would love any tips you feel like sharing, thanks!

    @kate – ooh. good call. I do remember things staying damp forever last time we were there!

    @wendy – Like the idea but he loves sleeping in his own space.

    @Desi – Well, we’ll see how it actually turns out. I’m already trying to cram extra stuff in.

  9. Mica said on February 17, 2011

    We stock up on Ex-officio QuickDry underwear. They claim, 17 countries, 6 days 1 pair of underwear..ok, maybe two. LOL.
    Plus, I agree with Rebecca, you always need an extra shirt on the plane!

  10. Katie said on February 17, 2011

    Would you say that these madewell tanks are long enough for a pregnant belly?? I saw your post a while back about your favorite nursing tanks, and am looking for some sheer (and snug fitting) layering tanks during pregnancy! Thanks Kristina, and it looks like you’ll be set & stylish for Costa :-) Loving your choices…when the hubs and I were in the Dominican, i lived in tunics and maxi dresses :-) can’t wait to see pics!

  11. Shane said on February 17, 2011

    Have fun guys! I’m jealous. Happy early birthday to the three of you!

  12. bigBANG studio said on February 18, 2011

    It’s going to be AMAZING. And I love the tres beach-chic collection you put together! The lighter you pack the more you’ll thank yourself when you’ve got a crying baby on one hip and a light bag over your shoulder.

    But of course there won’t be any crying comin’ outta that precious babe, right?

    HAVE FUN!!! xo.

  13. bridget said on February 18, 2011

    i looove that scarf.

  14. you are super pretty said on February 22, 2011

    uh oh, i just had to buy some salt swimwear….! $15 tops and bottoms…c’mon…..

  15. Laura said on June 21, 2012

    Love your blog. Curious as to what you use to make your collages?? I love them!

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