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Archive for March, 2011

March 30, 2011

Yesterday’s internal dialogue

Some days just never seem to get going, you know? And often it’s no one’s fault but mine, as evidenced by this little vignette.

Wake and miraculously remember that Dashiell has a doctor’s appointment as I lay in bed listening to him babble in his crib at 6:15. Close one!

Scrap plans to take him running in the BOB (using the doctor’s appointment as an excuse because I really hate motivating to do that anyway when Brock is out of town, as he was yesterday.)

Get to doctor’s office early (miraculous!) but then we are forced to wait for 30 minutes anyway.

Get home at 10. Nanny is at home, waiting for us. Yay!

Now, I will settle in to work.

It’s going to be a really productive day.

First check email. Maybe a little light internet surfing, etc.

Decide I must shower before I can work. I didn’t go running, but at least a shower will make me feel ready for the day.

Shower, dress, and sit down at computer to work.

Decide I need a latte before I can REALLY get going. More caffeine!

Quickly drive to Peets for latte.

Return home and sit back down at computer.

Computer would be WAY faster if I restarted.

Oop! Forgot to make Dashiell his lunch for the park. Will make lunch quickly.

Oooooh. There are software updates! Computer would run better with updates. Will install and restart computer again.

Argg. I need a new computer soooo bad. Photoshop takes for-ever to start.

In the meantime I will check email. And maybe look up new computers on the Apple Store. I wonder if anyone has posted any good pictures on facebook?

Oooh an email!

Hmmm. I should eat something before I get going otherwise I will start working and then I will have to stop for nourishment, which will totally disrupt my groove.

What should I make? Pirate’s Booty is not considered breakfast. Wait, lunch.

Poached eggs! Yes! I have new english muffins from Traders! They will be perfect with poached eggs.

You know, I should just eat at the kitchen table. I don’t need to eat at my computer.

New Martha Weddings is kind of cute. Forgot I bought that. Maybe we should have registered for china? Would be so pretty for dinner parties. If we ever get a dining room.

Now I am properly prepared to work.

Wait, I should start a podcast. Score! Two new TALs.


And then it actually turned into a surprisingly productive day. But I mean COME ON with how long it takes to get going! These are the days I kind of sort of a teeny bit wish I didn’t work at home. At least I took a photo of my lunch. See? I got a blog post out of my day! Is something.

March 28, 2011

Another baby

Not pregnant. But, you know, pondering… as in when is the right time for a second? It seems like babies and bellies are everywhere right now and I can’t help start to feel like I might want to give it another go. Jamie, Celia, Melanie, Alyson, Alexis, Bridget, a number of you lovely readers, plus a bunch of other ladies I know who *gasp* DON’T HAVE BLOGS. (Imagine!)

But here’s the thing. It’s just so much easier now. We’re all sort of accustomed to our rhythm and getting enough sleep (ish) and I love that we have so much time to focus on Dashiell. It’s scary to think that would all be disrupted and we’d be starting the entire process over again. Plus 100LC is on the cusp of really taking off and I’m finally figuring out how to get work done. Adding another tiny baby into that equation is a little overwhelming too.

Oh and there’s the house situation. If we have another babe, we’ll have to move. Either that or remodel, but remodeling would be a challenge since we don’t actually own our house. Sure we could manage for a few months, but we’re already splitting the seams of our little home so baby #2 will mean something definitely has to change.

But is there ever a right time? Will we ever be like, oh NOW is the time. Now we’re 100% ready to have another baby. Maybe eventually. But I might be 47 by then and me thinks that would be a little on the late side.

Plus if our first baby is this adorable, imagine what it would be like to have two little faces to snuggle every morning.

Any of you pondering number two? Have number two on the way? I know it’s a majorly personal decision, but I’m just curious how those conversations went down.

March 25, 2011

bright flowers for a stormy day

Again with the rain. Though I’m actually kind of enjoying it, I must admit. And it makes weeding out the veg boxes so much easier the next day.

Big plans this weekend. Brock and I are going on a date tonight. It’s very exciting. I think we’re going to try to sneak into the bar at the Tasting Kitchen and then catch Win Win. Do you know that the last movie we saw in the theatre was Avatar, 2 days before I went into labor?!! Aye.

And Saturday Amanda and I are going to Bouchon in Bev Hills for a 100LC thang. Pretty excited for that too. Twill be a culinary weekend of a adultness.

March 24, 2011

Veggie burgers in the NYT

Saw this yummy looking article in the NYT yesterday. Veggie burgers! Doesn’t the one on the front page for the food section look delish? It reminded me how much I do love a good veggie burger.

Guess where it’s from? Hillstone. As in formerly Houstons? Really? The best veggie burger in all of NYC is from a giant chain? Hmm. I will say that I’m a pretty big fan of the burger at R+D Kitchen (their sister restaurant), but I’ve had the one from Houstons years ago and I didn’t love. Maybe the recipe has changed? I have a hard time getting behind a restaurant that servers sushi and burgers together.

I’ve yet to try the Umami Burger, burger. Must get there, soon. And they write highly of the burger at Cru in Silverlake, which I clearly haven’t been to because it takes me 5 freeways to get there. But maybe we will start exploring. The Counter and M Cafe both make pretty delicious versions too.

More importantly, I’d love to have my own burger recipe at the ready. Last summer I was on a mission to perfecting my quinoa burger recipe. I got close, but frankly got sick of eating them all the time. I’ve been meaning to try Heidi’s latest version. Maybe I will start there.

March 23, 2011

Chronicle books spring sale

Hooray! This is the best sale going, I swear. 30% everything on Chronicle’s site. Perfect time to stock up on spring pressies (mother’s day, father’s day anyone?) or buy yourself a special treat.

Some of my faves: any of Lotta Jansdotter’s books, a French General party book, an illustrated bird book for my bird-watching mom, or Plenty from the delicious looking restaurant Ottolenghi in London. I’ve wanted one of their cookbooks for ages. And loads, loads more.

Use the promo code SPRING11 when you checkout!

March 22, 2011

a rainy day breakfast

It was a stormy grey day on Sunday, and all plans for a family run in Venice, Intelligentsia lattes, and afternoon of prepping the beds out back for veggies were put on hold.

And instead we spent our morning making a serious breakfast. Potatoes and everything.

And then proceeded to have an official pajama day, complete with a Raffi DVD, and dinner at 5pm. What else do you do with your one year old when you’re forced to stay inside all day?

March 21, 2011

todd hunter

Gorgeous paintings by Todd Hunter. Would kill for one of these, nearly.

Alas, these are all sold out.

via Pinterest

March 17, 2011

For japan with love

For Japan with Love.

March 16, 2011

a little living room green

The ladies of Bash, Please had a little party celebrating their new studio space and Amanda and Kendra and I popped over for delicious Heirloom LA foods and drinks and succulent arranging.

I made a terrarium! They are pretty easy to create, actually. Though we’ll see how long mine survives. But it’s pretty for now, no?

March 15, 2011


Yum. yumyumyumyum. Was reminded of Kiss My Spatula this morn from Suann. How gorgeous is this photo? I would hang it in my kitchen, for sure.

Also, I would like to start actually making recipes again. I was on a kick for a while, with my list written on our chalkboard wall. But I’ve fallen back into the same old rut of beans and quinoa and other random things thrown together in a bowl. Or take out Thai. Which is delicious, but I’d really like to be eating other things.

Maybe this week I will make something yummy.