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March 7, 2011

Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred

My friend Clare recommended The One Hundred when I commented on her awesomely huge LL Bean tote in Costa Rica. I ordered the book two days after we got home. Now that I’m coming out of my fashion hibernation, I thought it an essential addition to my nightstand.

Now I have a guide to tell me what necessities I should fill my closet with! It enforces my general (though not always followed) philosophy on shopping: buy quality, classic things that fit perfectly, last forever, and that I will wear for a long time. Even, wait no… especially, if they cost double what knock-off versions that don’t fit as well might. Quality is always worth it, if you ask me.

And they’re not all classic as in Jackie O. or Miss Hepburn. I doubt either of them would have rocked a vintage concert tee or pair of Havianas, but that’s what’s so brilliant about this book. Some things are a bit unattainable (but perhaps worth saving up for?) and others you can pick up for a song. And you’ll be surprised how many items you already have in your closet. Which is v. v. encouraging, if you ask me.

Motorcycle jacket. Check! I think mine would be considered a Bomber jacket, but it is fabulous and I love it.

Perfume. Check. Though it’s not a super fancy one. I’m partial to Jo Malone Orange Blossom.

A statement necklace. Hmm. I definitely need to work on that one. I have necklaces I love and wear often, but I do not think Nina would approve of any as my “statement”.

Stilettos. Yes yes yes yes. And I totally agree they are worth the investment. I spent more than necessary on my wedding shoes, but they are gorgeous black heels that I wear any time occasion calls.

Valid passport. Sighhh. You never know when you’ll need to jet away, I suppose. But I love that this is an essential for a stylish woman.

Diamond studs. Which are “best when large, real, and received as a gift. But large, fake, and self-purchased do the job, too.” Love the little explanations! I’d settle for medium, real, and gifted? Just saying.

Plus there’s animal print, aviators, cowboy boots, investment bag (with tips on how to spot a fake), jewelry pouches, the men’s white shirt, a one piece swimsuit… the list goes on.

Buy it. Now. You deserve.


  1. Kelsey said on March 7, 2011

    Yes! A friend of mine recommended this book to me two years ago and I now own it too and recommend it to other women. It’s really helped me to focus my shopping, which tends to stress me out. Now I go for the more classic quality pieces instead of going crazy just because something is “3 for $30!”

    I’ve added a trench coat, converse, and striped boat nect shirt to my wardrobe recently and love them!

  2. Hali said on March 7, 2011

    Duly noted

  3. betsy said on March 7, 2011

    Okay, I totally love this book. I checked it out from the library recently, and then geeked out and typed up a list of all items on my personal, private blog that just I can see (use it for lists, etc.) You’re right, it really helps to keep you focused! Plus it is just plain fun!

  4. Katie said on March 7, 2011

    Ohh mi goodness Kristina, thank you for sharing this!!! I am obscenely obsessed with Ms. Garcia, border line ‘stocker-ish’ (saved photos on comp of her best outfits) hahaha. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. She’s so fantastic isn’t she?

  5. Lisa said on March 7, 2011

    Yes, the motorcycle jacket! Everyone should have one!

  6. miranda said on March 7, 2011

    I love this book! My sister gave me a copy for Christmas two years ago and it is such a fun read. I also use it before going on vacation to help me shop for stylish “souvenirs”. Some of my favorite purchases inspired by this book- a turquoise necklace spotted in a Florence market and a pair of Repetto flats…happy shopping!

  7. Sally Mae said on March 7, 2011

    I actually just checked out her “little black book” of style at the library last week, which is also a good one. It’s probably more of a condensed version, but I’ve already begun looking for my classic men”s white button up!

  8. Julie said on March 7, 2011

    Sounds like a fun, easy to read, not put you to sleep kinda book. I keep starting all these really amazing and sort of deep books but then find myself falling asleep within 2 minutes of opening it!

  9. ashley maureen said on March 7, 2011

    totally love this.. it’s been added to my amazon wishlist. and, you’ve convinced me to buy a shirt i talked myself out of earlier today! too pricey for my liking, but i’m sure it will last for years. that’s a good thing.

  10. Melanie said on March 8, 2011

    must get. for use next year.

  11. paula said on May 5, 2011

    i think im buying that book! i love nina garcia.
    your blog is so lovely! visit mine if you have a minute.

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