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May 17, 2011

Spring in the garden

We haven’t had a garden update in a long while. Guess why? From about November to March I was growing mostly weeds. Perfect example of things that don’t get done in my life! But I feel pretty good this year considering most of the time I’m barely planting by the middle of May. And this year I’m already harvesting. Mostly lettuce, but you know, it’s something.

This is the first time I’ve actually grown heads of lettuce. It’s so fantastic! The freckles up there are huge, just like in glossy photos of local food propaganda. And I swear I only planted them 2 weeks ago. The problem is that I now have like 10 heads of lettuce that are ready to eat, like now. We eat a lot of salad, but srsly. Not that much.

Also coming in nicely: herbs, wild arugula, berries, kale, peas, 4 kinds of chiles/peppers, summer squash, winter dumpling squash, cucumbers, beans, baby lima beans (on recommendation from Ms. Goin, natch!), grapes, umm. What else? I decided not to plant tomatoes this year. They’re never as good as those from the farmer’s market so I figure why compete with experts, you know?

And I’m desperately trying to grow okra but it’s having a rough time getting past the seedling stage. I’m out there every morning wiping aphids off the new growth with my bare fingers. Any suggestions? Home grown okra sounds so summery. And I want to pickle it.

Who else has been busy in the dirt? I want to see other people’s gardens.


  1. Marty J. Christopher said on May 17, 2011

    I won a huge grant at my work, which inadvertently put me in charge of 9 raised beds and a greenhouse. Crazy! I have a ton of stuff growing in the greenhouse, but nothing planted in the ground except some root vegetables, which are under a hoop house I built. We have had such a cold spring that I haven’t been able to move anything outside yet. It is so LAME. I’m posting about the hoop house on Thursday, but here is an older post about garden planning, which includes some pictures of my seedlings (which are now great big plants):

  2. jora said on May 17, 2011

    Love it! I’ll come over to help you eat salad any day. ;-) I actually just revisited your tomato post form last year (and the videos you linked to) because our tomatoes are in and I hope to have some decent ones. But maybe we should leave it to the experts as you suggest!! Hmmm….maybe I’ll do a garden post soon.

  3. Desi said on May 17, 2011

    you are a powerful manifester. it’s on my to do list. i’m still a little freaked out about jet fuel on my plants, so they might not end up being the eatin’ kind.

  4. blake said on May 17, 2011

    Beautiful photos, love that speckle-y lettuce. I too have tried to leave some stuff to the experts… it’s HARD. Gardening is an exercise in self-control; I want to grow everything. This year, I’m also growing tons of lettuces (heads and cutting)… served my MIL a home-grown salad today. Satisfying.

  5. Samia said on May 18, 2011

    I lvoe your blog and i want to follow it.. but u dont have any google following! can you please activate that for me and several others who wish to follow your great blog.. happy gardening! having to live in an apartment there is absolutely no way for me to do what you guys are doing but i would love to do it one day.. till then i am no help. take care

  6. Jamie said on May 18, 2011

    I am seriously lacking in the green thumb department. So unfortunate. But enjoying living vicariously through your beautiful photos!

  7. amy said on May 18, 2011

    love your blog! your photos are beautiful! we are starting the garden at my preschool and the kids love it! such a great way to get them to eat some things that they harvest!

  8. Kristina said on May 18, 2011

    @Marty – congrats on the grant! That must be so fun.

    @jora – if I lived closer I would bring salad to you! re: tomatoes – you guys always seem to grow beautiful tomatoes. I’m still crossing my fingers for a tomato guest post by B.

    @blake – major restraint.

    @Samia – I’m not sure what you mean! Do you mean google reader? There’s a subscribe button in the right column. Does that not work?

    @amy – sounds amazing!

  9. Melissa said on May 22, 2011

    this is my first year attempting to be a gardener, and i can honestly say, i’ve fallen madly in love with this ‘job’. i find myself neglecting other ‘must do’ things in order to stay outside with my hands in the dirt.

    your lettuces are gorgeous! did you plant with seed or use already grown seedlings?

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