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Archive for June, 2011

June 7, 2011

The Glow

As if any of us need another site to obsess about! But The Glow is just gorgeous. Mamas and babies in their own space. Love.

via Simple Lovely.

June 6, 2011


ie. the most dangerous culinary addition to the neighborhood in a long while.

We had a most delightful little vacation last week staying in Venice with Melanie and Sky. Living walking distance to Abbot Kinney is spectacular. I’ll admit I’m a wee bit sad to be back in the slums of Marina Del Rey adjacent, but our house is freshly painted and our garden is exploding and I think the chickens are about to start laying eggs, so maybe everything is going to be okay after all.

As a perfect end to the week, Melanie and Dash and I walked down to GTA (Gjelina Take Away, I assume) for breakfast on Friday. Oh my. It’s gorgeous and just exactly how my kitchen should look when I grow up. And the fried egg sandwich is so perfect I wanted to cry. It’s already legendary on the street. We ran into Audrey and Joshua and their two boys picking up their sandwiches and just missed Kendra by a few minutes getting hers. It’s the place to be on Friday mornings.

Let me show you why you should come down to Venice just to bask in the glory of the most delicious take out spot around:

gjelina take away breakfast menu

gjelina take away counter

gjelina fried egg sandwich

Homemade english muffin, chedder cheese, fried egg, vinegary braised kale + bacon (which I omitted). It’s frickin’ unreal. And I forgot the hot sauce, which I will most definitely be trying this week. Plus we sampled the corn cherry scone and the biscuits and homemade jam. With butter that comes with a pinch of sea salt on top. Srsly. It’s almost too much to bear.

In other news, I highly recommend the cleansing power of emptying your entire house to paint the inside. It’s a big big pain, but the purging that goes along with it is so satisfying. I’m not letting one thing back in the house that I can’t live without. Almost. Pictures are getting rearranged, cupboards are being cleaned, corners have been vacuumed and scrubbed. It’s almost like moving into a new house, except you do not miraculously get extra rooms and less walls at the end of the process.

June 1, 2011

the weekend, ie. 3 days with a 15 month old

The weekend was a blur of annoying but mildly satisfying activities. Like having a garage sale and making $40 total (but then giving everything we didn’t sell away to anyone who would take it, meaning it will never enter the house again). And cramming the entire house into a 1 car garage in order to have every surface freshly painted. Did we BBQ on Memorial Day and enjoy a delicious meal at our new, beautiful outdoor table? No, we did not. But we did end up with some cute pictures of our little bug. So I will share them, because I cannot resist.

Surprising what can happen in 5 minutes when someone is left unattended with a box of crackers.

We did make it out for our standard Saturday eve dinner at Pitfire. Doesn’t he have good baby hair?

Cannot go a weekend without these pancakes!

Someone got his first major knee scrape and bandaid this weekend. Followed by his first splinter, which he won’t let us remove, but walks around all day pointing at it in his palm (which is admittedly very cute). Followed by his first face plant at the park and nose/upper lip scrape. It’s a bit heartbreaking, but I know he’s just at that age. Poor boy.

We’re spending the week camped out at Melanie and Sky’s, which is fun for us and probably kind of overwhelming for them. But good practice since their bebe will be here in ~7 weeks.