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July 18, 2011

Eat Real Fest

Good morning! Look at me, posting on Monday! It’s shaping up to be a good week already. How about a few photos from the Eat Real Fest? It was pretty fun and pretty delicious and a big adventure for all of us. We decided to go carless for the weekend in honor of the 405 closure, so we loaded up the BOB and ran to Culver City for Eat Real. Which was great, though hot. And we lost Dashiell’s moccasins (and only pair of non-croc shoes) on the way.

But then we had to walk 5 miles home after two beers I was completely exhausted by the time we walked in our front door. I’m such an exercise lightweight now! But twas a fun day, all the same.

It was like a very modern country fair with no rides. Sort of. Pigs and baby geese and chickens and everything. Maybe we need a backyard pig?

We ran into the owner of Chaser, who happens to make the kids npr shirt, which was pretty fun. Dashiell was a relatively cooperative model for their upcoming Chaser on the street series.

Anca’s Romanian flatbread was the best thing we tried. OMG you guys. So good. And the little salads (kale + feta and cucumber + olive) were divine. They’re apparently only at the Echo Park farmer’s market on Friday evening at the moment, which is very sad for westsiders, but I srsly urge you to check them out if you live over there. Delicious.

Oh wait, also, Sno Con Amor… very delicious. All natural flavors like beet lemonade, watermelon basil, and walnut. You can find them at the Hollywood farmer’s market on Sundays.

Plus there were all sorts of jams, and salts, and spicy pickles, and tandoori smoked olives, kimchi, and food trucks, and food preserving demos, and music and all sorts of other inspiring, tasty things.

Doesn’t he all of a sudden look like a little boy?? Aye, how the months fly by.

And of course, there’s nothing like drinking summery ale out of a mason jar to really make your Saturday feel well spent.

Hope Eat Real comes back to LA next year!


  1. Inessa Zherebnenko Nichols said on July 18, 2011

    lucky you, we wanted to go to this but with the carmageddon we were weary of the drive. Looks like we missed a good thing!

  2. brittany said on July 18, 2011

    sno-con amor – i die for this name!

  3. Heidi said on July 18, 2011

    I love Dashiell’s sun hat. Where did you find it??? That ale is making me thirsty. xoxo

  4. anca's romanian said on July 19, 2011

    thanks Kristina! beautiful photos and so glad you enjoyed our food! we do quite a few events, so might be back on the westside soon :)

  5. Kristina said on July 20, 2011

    @Heidi – Patagonia. It’s the best baby sun hat we’ve found. We’re on our second one!

    @Anca’s – I do hope you come our way again! Seriously such a treat to taste your yummy flatbreads and salads!

  6. jennifer said on July 28, 2011

    sounds like a fabulous event. i’m on the east coast, but would LOVE one of those posters. are they for sale anywhere or can i bribe someone local to send me one?

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