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July 5, 2011

One Love Organics

I’ve been meaning to post on One Love Organics for about 4 months now. I know none of you are surprised, given my recent posting frequency. But srsly, these products are amazing. Kendra (the Chief Creative Office of One Love) is a friend and generously gave me the entire line to try out in March. I’ve been using it since and I really really love it. Those of you out there who hate the idea of slathering your skin (and biggest organ!) with a bunch of chemicals in the name of youthful skin will love their products.

There are only 4 and they’re really all you need. Each one is multi-use, 100% pure, all natural, waterless, and comes from the highest quality ingredients. And they all smell so yummy in a very perfect, non-perfumey way.

I’m finally posting about them today because, (big surprise!), they’re in the Pop-Up Shop this week! It’s such a crazy deal, you guys. You can pick up their entire line for $118, which is 55% off the retail price. Or try a product or two to start. I love the scrub (use it every morning) and the balm (use it all the time!). We use the cleanser as our family face wash and to wash Dashiell’s hair and body. Cannot wait for them to come out with the family size soon. The balm works as a cleanser, a moisturizer, make-up remover, lip conditioner, even eye cream and a dewy base under mineral make-up. And I’ve used to for diaper rash too!

I know that I became much more concerned or at least conscious of the products we were using in our house after Dashiell was born, and I think it’s amazing that there’s a skin care line that the whole family can use. It’s natural, but doesn’t FEEL like you’re using a crunchy granola line from Whole Foods that doesn’t really work. It feels like you’re using high end products that really will keep your skin looking freshly-facialized. And my favorite part, which I will say again, there are only 4 products. Which means less crap in your medicine cabinet and less stuff in your life. I do love less stuff.

Did I sell you on it yet? If you need more convincing, you can see the post we did today on 100LC and you can check out One Love Organics‘ site where they explain why they are the most bestest line available.

I really really genuinely love this line. And I will personally be making a few purchases this week. Must stock up while it’s discounted, right? If you want to try it, you should definitely do it now while it’s on super sale in the Pop-Up Shop!

(Top photo by Bonnie Tsang for OLO and 100LC)


  1. Ridgely's Radar said on July 5, 2011

    Wow, I’ve seen this line everywhere! Will definitely have to check it out!

  2. anne-marie said on July 5, 2011

    You had me at diaper rash.

  3. katie said on July 5, 2011

    Thank you for your post Kristina!! I was intrigued by your opinion of the products and after seeing your adorable photo shoot on 100 layer cake I ordered up the Skin Savior for myself (and my little one due in August)! So excited about the product :-)

  4. Kristina said on July 6, 2011

    You guys should most definitely check it out!

    @Katie, so glad you picked some up. You’re going to love it.

  5. Perri said on July 20, 2011

    I purchased the Balm and the cleanser from the pop up shop and am loving them! Thanks for the reccomendation! My only question is about cleaning the cloth – they say to use it to take makeup off, but I cant quite get that darn mascara off of it! Any ideas? Thoughts?

  6. Suzanne LeRoux said on August 31, 2011

    Hi Kristina,
    The family sized 32 oz cleansers are here for $79.00. This is over 3.5 bottles of the regular size and at this price a whole bottle is practically free.
    Perri, yes take off your makeup with the shammy! It is thorough and very gentle to the eye area. Mascara does stain a bit but this does not affect the performance of the cloth. Not as pretty maybe but darned effective ;)

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