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August 26, 2011

Of late

I have so many posts to share, I do. But time has not been on my side as of late. So next week. Definitely next week. In the meantime here are some things to prove that I am still here.

Succotash salad from Ms. Goin. I really thought this recipe was going to the one that proved that she is not perfect in the kitchen. But then I tossed the 4 separately prepared parts together with a simple dressing and VOILA! Delicious as usual. (Also the goat cheese was a personal addition, which I think made it even more tasty).

Our neighbors slipped fertilized eggs under their broody hen and look who popped out! Baby chicks are the cutest.

Someone is 18 MONTHS OLD. Am I the only one who can’t believe it?

The ladies of Bash Please threw a delicious little dinner party catered by Heirloom LA and I stole away with these beautiful fresh beans. I’m going to keep them for next summer’s garden.

Salsa verde – Oaxacan style. You guys, I’m now the master of both red and green salsas. OMG they are going to blow your mind when I post the recipes next week.

Hope everyone has a hot hot summer weekend. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of August.


  1. Kelsey said on August 26, 2011

    He’s so big! Those curls! How will you stand to ever cut it?
    Can’t wait for the salsa recipes…

  2. Heather said on August 26, 2011

    Very excited for your salsa recipes – I’ve been looking for some good ones!

  3. sara said on August 26, 2011

    i can’t believe he’s 18 months old either… because if he’s getting older, that means my guy’s getting older.
    makes a bad case for my denial!

    excited for your salsa recipes!

  4. Kim said on August 26, 2011

    aw- picture #2 is just adorable!

  5. Deja said on August 26, 2011

    I meant to try the salsa last Saturday when we were over! I can’t wait for the recipe! And I can’t believe Dash is 18 months old!! Although he did look like more of a boy than a baby sitting in the back of the car!

  6. ashley maureen said on August 26, 2011

    love. i for one, will not be having a hot hot summer weekend. will be hunkering down as irene blows through… but that is a good excuse to spend time in the kithcen, right?!

  7. mind of mr said on August 26, 2011

    that salsa looks really good!

    and the chicks r so cute!!

  8. S said on August 27, 2011

    I really can’t believe that Dash is growing up so fast!
    I started reading your blog about when you got married, maybe a year before my own wedding… and now your son is 18 months already and I am married since nearly one year and expecting twin boys in the next days. I can’t believe time is running so fast.

  9. Caroline said on August 27, 2011

    I can’t wait for the recipes! CAN’T wait!!! YUM!

  10. stephanie said on August 27, 2011

    I love new salsa recipes so I’m very excited for this post! I would also love the salad recipe, if you can share…it looks so fresh and summery.
    My little guy will be 22 months on Monday…sometimes it seems like he’s been my soulmate forever and other days it feels like I just met him.

  11. jamie said on August 27, 2011



    he is a little man!

  12. Maria @ Orchard Bloom said on August 29, 2011

    ahhhh, those baby chicks are so cute!

  13. nicole b. said on August 29, 2011

    Ooh, I need that salsa recipe! D. looks like his daddy in that photo. Too cute… and sooo grown up!


  14. Kristina said on September 1, 2011

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