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September 7, 2011


Pretty sweet new site (or at least relatively new to me) that lets you buy and sell gently used, high-end baby stuff. There are lots of great cribs and strollers on there, people.

If there’e one thing I’ve learned about baby stuff, it’s that you do not NEED to pay full price for new things. Someone might have just what you want, in perfect shape, because it just didn’t work for them. But it will be your favorite thing you’ve ever owned. Or at least your baby’s favorite thing. Perfect example: our Bugaboo. It’s a fantastic stroller, but once we got our BOB when Dashiell was 4 months old, we put it away for good. We used it as a really fancy snap n’ go, and the bassinet as Dashiell’s bed, which worked out great. But for our lifestyle the BOB is a much better stroller. So had we not planned on handing it down to Melanie and Sky, (and then taking it back for baby #2), I might have considered selling it.

If you’re planning your nursery and/or registry, this one’s worth a click for sure.


  1. jamie said on September 7, 2011

    i so had this idea.

    i should have known one existed.


  2. celia said on September 7, 2011

    you have no idea how bad i wanted that crib.

  3. Melanie said on September 12, 2011

    argh. had i known. but now i do!

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