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Archive for February, 2012

February 7, 2012

A birth

Pretty amazing, attending a birth. And laboring through the night with someone else. I’m going to resist telling my version of Jen’s birth story, since you know, it’s her’s to tell if she chooses. But a few bits of story to make sense of the photos…

The poor dear had to be induced on Thursday night after her non-stress test revealed that she had very seriously low amniotic fluid. She was 6 days overdue anyway, but induction means machines and monitors and lots of pitocin, which wasn’t the birth she was hoping for. But do you know what? She was a rockstar anyway. The woman had contractions that were one minute apart from 7pm until her baby was born at 9 the next morning. That’s a whole different kind of resilience, as those of you who have given birth know.

But it was a beautiful birth anyway, as they always are.

Awww, such a happy ending. Our friend Laura was there too and she’s a midwife, which was awesome. She’s the lady laboring with Jen in most of the photos. A pro is always nice to have on hand. By the time Jen had reached her limit and the anesthesiologist was giving her an epidural, she was 10 cm and ready to push (we found out after the fact). She dilated 5 cm in 1 hour. It was wild, but she did it. And her baby boy is perfect and all is right in the world.

I tell you, in the middle of the night, watching her contractions come one after the other, I had a long period where I was really kind of dreading going into labor again. It’s long, and slow, and unknown. But then once things picked up and she was really working, really laboring, and Laura and I were helping her through each wave, I realized that I CAN do it again. She completely inspired me. It’s amazing the kind of energy a birth brings. And the part I really can’t get over is that all night we were just watching a belly, and then in one second the belly turns into a baby. A baby! Who has been in there all this time! Words can’t really describe that transition.

I also realized that um, if you think you might want to have a natural birth, it’s pretty vital that you hire a doula or have some kind of labor support with you. You will probably reach a point when you are quite literally crawling the walls, and if you’ve never been there before it’s hard to understand that what you’re feeling is right and good.

Now I can’t wait to get down to their house to visit the new family at home. That’s where the magic really happens.

February 2, 2012

Weekend and things

I’m really sucking at posting, aren’t I? I want to post more, I do! Maybe soon. How about some photos from the last week for now?

Dashie loves skateboarding with his Uncle Jordan. Or at least loves the wheels on the skateboard.

Really fun day watching Amanda try on wedding dresses with Kendra and Jillian, (the Vera Wang space was pretty great), followed by a delicious ladies lunch at Fig & Olive.

OMG you guys, I’m working on recreating a cold-marinated fennel salad with orange and cilantro. It was nearly the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Will report back.

Our contractor found an envelope of negatives from 1950 in our garage while he was demo-ing to start construction on my new office. (Yay!) They are amazing. Photos of our house when it was freshly built, with the for sale sign out front and everything. I love love love seeing the history of our neighborhood. Plus neat photos of Carol’s family (our landlord and friend). So excited for her to see them.

And the garden update… aside from a few perinneal herbs, it’s fava-only season people. I’ve never grown them before, but I decided to plant all favas for winter/spring. They’re part of the vetch family and are a great natural way to re-nitrogenate the soil before summer. (Um, also I love them.) AS IF I’m going to actually get it together to plant a summer garden this year. Maybe if I can get a few things in the ground by May.

I’m going to admit that our 3rd heatwave of the winter finally wore me down. I’m over cold weather and completely ready for spring and summer. Luckily we’re heading to Mexico for a week on the 17th. Aside from the inevitable bikini time, I’m super excited.