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March 12, 2012

Family trip to Mexico

So behind on posts. Geez. How about a few photos from Mexico? I’m thinking I will catch up and then I will totally be back in the routine of regular posting. Yes, quite sure that’s how it will work.

Funny story about this trip… we were supposed to go with 12 other friends. We were the only people flying out of LA, since tickets were expensive and seats were scarce, so everyone else bought tickets to fly out of Tijuana. No problem! Until the airline canceled all flights to Loreto from TJ, and we were the only ones left with tickets. We decided to go anyway and just enjoy the time as a family before we’re on house arrest this summer after the new bebe comes. Super glad we did.

Highlights: Dashiell at the beach, Dashiell at the pool, the local farmer’s market, horchata, charred jalapeños with salsa and chips, a Cirque du Soleil style performance on a sailboat by a French family, making simple food with simple ingredients, warm tortillas, clear water, no plans.

Not quite as warm as we’d hoped for, but still a really nice time together as a family. We love going to Mexico.


  1. Kim said on March 12, 2012

    these are so beautiful! looks like such a wonderful time :)

  2. mau said on March 13, 2012

    Beautiful photos, beautiful family and looks like a lovely holiday!

  3. meaghan said on March 13, 2012

    Looks like a perfect trip!

  4. stefanie said on March 13, 2012

    absolutely gorgeous!

  5. beth said on March 13, 2012

    beautiful trip! Where in Mexico is this? I have always wanted to go there…

  6. elizabeth antonia said on March 13, 2012

    so glad you still went. beautiful photos of a beautiful family. simple food, simple ingredients, no plans. sounds like my kind of trip!! xoxo

  7. allison said on March 14, 2012

    beautiful photos! i noticed you have the bob…we do as well and are expecting baby #2 in june (baby #1 will be 18 months). i was just curious if you plan to get the double bob or make do w/the single and 2 kiddos. i’m torn. the double bob feel way too wide.

  8. sara said on March 14, 2012

    these photos are juicy… makes me want a vacation! we need to take a trip the three of us before we become four!

    i’ve been going to a place south of there (closer to cabo) on the sea of cortez (my fave) since i was little…


    there’s nothing like baja… it’s the BEST!!
    now all i want to do is go!


  9. Kristina said on March 15, 2012

    @Allison – We are planning to get the double BOB. But we use it for running (or at least my husband does) every day and we definitely want to be able to take both kids at the same time. I assume we’ll need some other double stroller situation too because it’s so big? Dashiell still really likes riding along. We have a Bugaboo too, and you can buy a little platform for the older kid to stand on, but I’m not convinced he’s old enough. We’ll see!

    @sara – totally responded to this comment on the bday party post. Farther south = even better, I think!

  10. Lisa said on March 24, 2012

    Hi! Love the pictures. We are headed to Loreto in May. My husband, and our 17 month old Levi love. Where did you stay? Any must see, eats, or do’s that you recommend? xxx

  11. Maia said on April 2, 2012

    What beautiful photos. The joy of family travel…as one who spent my entire childhood on the road and abroad with my parents, I am a great believer!!

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