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Archive for April, 2012

April 25, 2012

Spring in the garden

There hasn’t been much in the way of new activity in the garden yet this year. And I’m thinking I might just need to let go of having a bountiful harvest this summer. At this point, standing in the kitchen is pretty much all I can handle, which makes the thought of weeding and tilling and planting seem laughable. HOWEVER, Dashiell and I are going to give it a go this weekend anyway. (I don’t admit defeat easily.) Brock will be out of town so it’s just me and my little buddy, and one of his favorite activities is digging out back.

I even bought him his own little Melissa & Doug trowel and cultivator/rake-thing this week. He’s going to be super excited. Maybe I should have ordered him a garden cart too?

But despite my lack of effort, we do have some delicious spring things happening out back. One of the benefits of landscaping with edibles!

The mint is luscious and full and taking over the planter by our back door. Need to do something fancy with it before the flowers come.

Berries are flowering right on schedule.

Artichokes just keep coming. I’m thinking I might try pickling a few of the bebes. Though I do love the recipe I use from Sunday Suppers a whole lot. For those of you who are still intimidated by their spiny exterior, here’s how to prepare baby artichokes, which I only discovered last year. It’s so easy!

Fava beans are gorgeous and tall and the beans are just starting to be ready to pick. We’ve had them in pasta and salad so far. I’ve yet to make my favorite fava bean puree, but I think that’s coming next.

Grapes are growing like crazy. I trimmed them back for the first time this winter. Makes a huge difference!

And my neighbor’s loquats are just about ripe. They hang over our side of the fence, which makes them fair game, if you ask me. Also, he’s told me I can have all of them because he never touches one. (Same with his lemons, which is brilliant. Haven’t bought a lemon in like 5 years.) I’m going to try making loquat jam this year. Maybe this recipe? Or this one.

So much of spring is just green, isn’t it? I didn’t manage to get peas in the ground, but I *might* try to plant some this weekend just to see what happens. The weather has been so weird that you never know.

How are everyone else’s gardens doing? I can’t wait to retire so I can spend all day growing things.

April 20, 2012

this weekend…

We’ll be here. By ourselves. Without Dashie. For the first time ever.


Considering I blew through all three Hunger Games books last week, I’m in desperate need of a new read. Any suggestions (preferably slightly more adult) would be much appreciated this morning.

April 18, 2012

30 weeks

30 weeks seems like a milestone, doesn’t it? In reality, I have a while to go yet but still. Judging by how quickly this pregnancy has gone by, I’m going to be staring June in the face very soon. Excited and kind of nervous. Definitely more nervous than last time… because this time I *know* what I’m getting myself into. Last time it was just ignorant, impatient bliss.

Spring skinny jeans! They are not necessarily sorbet, but they are bright and fun and they make me feel like less of a fashion slug. And guess what? NOT maternity! Just two sizes bigger. Even better, because if experience serves me I’ll be going up a number of sizes after this baby arrives.

I was agonizing over which pieces to buy from Hatch Collection, you guys. Agonizing. They all seemed perfect, but also silk (um, not the best fabric for carrying a 2 year old around), and expensive, and I couldn’t figure how to get the discount for liking them on FB, and I don’t GO anywhere fancy anyway, whine whinewhinewhine.

And then I happened in to Gap the other day and walked out with an entire new wardrobe for what I would have spent on one Hatch dress. None of it maternity. All of it bright and fun. My jeans are Gap 1969 always skinny. They’re stretchy and low enough that they actually work as perfectly comfortable maternity jeans. I wouldn’t recommend them for a day of travel or anything, but they are fine for regular pregnant activities. Also walked away with a handful of Gap Pure camisoles, which are perfect. A few bright tanks, and some loose long sleeves. I could have easily taken home 5 more things, but I restrained myself. Ahhhh. Never would have guessed that I’d be so excited about Gap!

In pregnancy news, I’ve discovered that my weight gain seems to be directly correlated to the amount of chocolate peanut butter ice cream I consume. Go figure! The weeks that I indulge myself I find at my appointments that I’ve gained double the amount of weight suggested. Um, oops. Maybe I will be slightly more careful. Of course I rewarded myself for my exceptional ability to put on weight with an almond croissant and warm baguette with butter and jam from Amandine yesterday morning after my appointment. So clearly I don’t care that much.

We’re narrowing in on names, which feels good. I was starting to fear that we’d be talking names while I was in labor. Hopefully not.

I’ve been swimming loads, which is amazing. It’s the only time I don’t feel incredible amounts of downward pressure, and also the only time I don’t have to pee every 10 minutes. I think it might be time for a new workout suit though. I’m still wearing the one I wore while I was pregnant with Dashiell. It’s looking a little obscene, I fear.

And it’s been really fun to start talking to Dashie about his new sibling. He’s known from the beginning that there’s a “baby” in mommy’s tummy, but that was probably more of an abstract concept. Now he can feel the baby kick and he gets super excited (and probably kind of confused) and his eyes get big and he smiles and laughs. He thinks we’re having a brother.

How are the rest of you pregnant ladies feeling!? My advice: hit up Gap while you can.

(Aqua skinny jeans and orange tank from Gap. Chalk art from Dashiell.)

April 10, 2012

A boho summer party + shop

Oh, look! More flowers. I swear I’m not secretly trying to become a florist. But we put together this super cute shoot for 100 Layer Cake in my backyard a few weeks ago, and I got to play with flowers again. Which is always fun. Also, there’s a whole mess of awesome stuff on sale in the shop right now. Just sayin’.

And Scott got a cute photo of bebé #2 for me. See? So much better with the belly shots of late.

Here’s a peek at the shop…

Poufs (in like 6 colors) for $118! Wedding blankets! Indian bedspreads! Plus tons more in the Pop-Up Shop right now. You know you need a pouf. I bought the brown one. So excited.

(Party photos by Scott Clark)

April 5, 2012

60th birthday party flowers

I meant to post these 3 weeks ago, after my mom’s surprise party, but you know how it goes. I picked up all the flowers from the Flower Market downtown, and the gold vases at Moskatels. It was so so fun, though I figured out that you really do have to get there earlier if you want to have a go at the really special stuff.

Just a little something pretty for Thursday…

And of course a gratuitous photo of Dashie playing trucks with his pal Judah, whilst the adults drink wine and eat cheese.

April 2, 2012

Hatch Collection

You guys, I’m feeling desperate for something from Hatch Collection. DESPERATE. I’m actually feeling generally desperate for spring clothes that make me feel even the slightest bit stylish. Why do they not make sorbet-colored maternity skinny jeans? WHY? J. Crew is majorly missing out on a big market, if you ask me.

So, here’s how I’m trying to rationalize a Hatch purchase (or two). You can supposedly wear these pieces after you have the bebé. The models even show it! And models never lie!

What do we think? God, it’s all so cute I barely stand it. Also I will need new shoes and bags to go with these pieces. Probably jewelry too.

Please, someone, enable me.

(Also tempted by this Club Monaco skirt… could go under the belly now and on the waist after?)