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April 2, 2012

Hatch Collection

You guys, I’m feeling desperate for something from Hatch Collection. DESPERATE. I’m actually feeling generally desperate for spring clothes that make me feel even the slightest bit stylish. Why do they not make sorbet-colored maternity skinny jeans? WHY? J. Crew is majorly missing out on a big market, if you ask me.

So, here’s how I’m trying to rationalize a Hatch purchase (or two). You can supposedly wear these pieces after you have the bebé. The models even show it! And models never lie!

What do we think? God, it’s all so cute I barely stand it. Also I will need new shoes and bags to go with these pieces. Probably jewelry too.

Please, someone, enable me.

(Also tempted by this Club Monaco skirt… could go under the belly now and on the waist after?)


  1. VIctoria said on April 2, 2012

    please please buy the hatch trench and that black romper so i can live vicariously through your purchases.

  2. Desi said on April 2, 2012

    If it helps at all I’m not pregnant or even close to it and I want a few of those pieces.

  3. Elizabeth said on April 2, 2012

    I don’t know if I should bless you or curse you for introducing me to Hatch! The choices, the choices!

    I’m 21 weeks into my first pregnancy and as my stomach finally starts to show and I bid farewell to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, I realize what a boring summer fashion-wise this is going to be. Not sure if I can justify the price tag though…

    Thank goodness my birthday’s in April!

  4. Meg said on April 2, 2012
  5. Katie said on April 2, 2012

    Did you see the 10% off code for Hatch that Joanna posted on Cup of Joe?


  6. Erinn said on April 2, 2012

    Oh Please! I am now biting my nails and wondering if I should get a fab outfit and I have nothing but a burrito in my belly.

  7. sarah said on April 3, 2012

    YES! I really want the romper and a mint-colored dress (either the sleeveless or the floaty strappy one). Sigh…

  8. Perri said on April 3, 2012

    Oh please! This collection makes me want to get pregnant! I absolutely approve of a purchase for spring! Make yourself feel good and hopefully it will look just as good after the baby is born! I couldn’t decide between the black romper, striped stress or short mint dress. Go for it!

  9. Katie said on April 3, 2012

    Do it!! The spring collection is killing me, and I’m not preggo, but I might rationalize a purchase for now (& for when I have another bun in the oven), everything is gorgeous!

  10. Christina said on April 3, 2012

    Do it! I’m 38 weeks now and It’s starting to get warm here in Austin. And unfortunately the cute leggings I rocked during the winter will no longer cut it. SO it’s maxi dresses and maxi skirts all the way. If I had more than 2 weeks to go I would TOTALLY invest in some of those adorable hatch dresses or jumpers. As your body goes through all the pregnancy changes, I think it’s really important to wear things that make you feel cute. Think of it as pregnancy therapy! ; )

  11. eli said on April 4, 2012

    i love hatch ! my next splurge will be from them … we haven’t started on baby #2 yet, and i when we do i want to be READY !

    i’ve wondered this about j. crew also. why no maternity clothes ?

  12. bridget said on April 4, 2012

    yes yes yes yes please buy something hatch collection. there pieces are AMAZING. i’ve been eyeing them and i have no baby-in-the-belly.

    asos has some great stuff on the cheap. i had a few things when i was pregnant.

  13. Jenny said on April 6, 2012

    So beautiful! I totally agree with you about J.Crew. I’m a J.Crew addict and when I was pregnant last year, I just kept buying their shirts in bigger and bigger sizes. It wasn’t pretty at the end…

  14. Danielle said on April 16, 2012

    Can’t find the Hatch code! Can anyone help? Trying to place an order – thanks Kristina, great maternity collection, appreciate you highlighting for us!

  15. Trish said on October 6, 2013

    Oooh, hatch! I see that you already had your beautiful baby (congratulations!!) so I imagine the temptation to buy hatch is no longer an issue. I bought four dresses , heh heh. One of them I regret because it has so much fabric that my husband jokingly said I could celebrate a catholic mass in it. But I don’t regret the others and I plan to wear them in the lumpy post-partum months as well.

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