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April 25, 2012

Spring in the garden

There hasn’t been much in the way of new activity in the garden yet this year. And I’m thinking I might just need to let go of having a bountiful harvest this summer. At this point, standing in the kitchen is pretty much all I can handle, which makes the thought of weeding and tilling and planting seem laughable. HOWEVER, Dashiell and I are going to give it a go this weekend anyway. (I don’t admit defeat easily.) Brock will be out of town so it’s just me and my little buddy, and one of his favorite activities is digging out back.

I even bought him his own little Melissa & Doug trowel and cultivator/rake-thing this week. He’s going to be super excited. Maybe I should have ordered him a garden cart too?

But despite my lack of effort, we do have some delicious spring things happening out back. One of the benefits of landscaping with edibles!

The mint is luscious and full and taking over the planter by our back door. Need to do something fancy with it before the flowers come.

Berries are flowering right on schedule.

Artichokes just keep coming. I’m thinking I might try pickling a few of the bebes. Though I do love the recipe I use from Sunday Suppers a whole lot. For those of you who are still intimidated by their spiny exterior, here’s how to prepare baby artichokes, which I only discovered last year. It’s so easy!

Fava beans are gorgeous and tall and the beans are just starting to be ready to pick. We’ve had them in pasta and salad so far. I’ve yet to make my favorite fava bean puree, but I think that’s coming next.

Grapes are growing like crazy. I trimmed them back for the first time this winter. Makes a huge difference!

And my neighbor’s loquats are just about ripe. They hang over our side of the fence, which makes them fair game, if you ask me. Also, he’s told me I can have all of them because he never touches one. (Same with his lemons, which is brilliant. Haven’t bought a lemon in like 5 years.) I’m going to try making loquat jam this year. Maybe this recipe? Or this one.

So much of spring is just green, isn’t it? I didn’t manage to get peas in the ground, but I *might* try to plant some this weekend just to see what happens. The weather has been so weird that you never know.

How are everyone else’s gardens doing? I can’t wait to retire so I can spend all day growing things.


  1. Naurnie said on April 25, 2012

    GASP! What a lovely garden.

  2. blake said on April 25, 2012

    so so pretty! I have major artichoke envy, as our one plant is just getting going. As soon as I get my hands on some babies (from fmr mkt, obvs) I’m pickling ‘em too. There’s a good recipe in Well Preserved by Eugenia Bone.

  3. Katy said on April 25, 2012

    My 21-month-old is all about the digging and gardening help, too. This is our first spring in our own home, so we were excited to plant and also to see what flowers and such come up to surprise us. I’m jealous of your California bounty. I’d live to grow citrus and artichokes, but Seattle is not the place. I am most excited about our huckleberry plant. My daughter is anxiously awaiting pumpkins (which said yield beauties 7-100 pounds, lol). I’d love to see some more gardening posts and tips!

  4. Brook Coffee said on April 26, 2012

    We have a company here in the bay area that will plant and tend your garden and you just have to enjoy the harvest. Called harvest at home I think. Maybe there is something similar in LA until babe comes?

  5. Brook Coffee said on April 26, 2012

    My girlies also love their red wheel burrow (kiddie sized) from the local ACE hardware store. Has held up for years just like the adult version.

  6. Cate O'Malley said on June 1, 2012

    So jealous of your homegrown artichokes! My kids adore them and could have them daily.

  7. Erin M said on June 22, 2012

    Typo! *kumquats. And btw we never ate the loquats… I said we took it all for granted.

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