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July 27, 2012

The best olive oil

Baker & Olive Cobrançosa. I’m convinced. I’ve been all but drowning my salads in it as of late. It’s grassy and nutty and just all around super yummy. Do you know Baker & Olive? I bet you San Diego peeps do. It’s an awesome little shop in Encinitas that makes you want drop everything and just cook and create and live a delicious life. And also buy everything they sell.

I came home with a few olive oils and, ready, an ESPRESSO BALSAMIC a few months ago. And suddenly the Cobrançosa is the apple of my eye. I think it’s my favorite olive oil I’ve ever tried. And probably the first that I feel like I can’t possibly live without. Which means I’ll be ordering a large bottle soon because I’m almost out.

And the espresso balsamic is divine too. Vanilla Haagen Dazs, strawberries, espresso balsamic. Yep.


  1. Nuvea said on July 28, 2012

    My family made their own olive oil in Portugal for years. I can’t wait to try this!

  2. Bryce said on July 30, 2012

    I’m so happy you posted this! Cooking shows and magazine recipes always call for “really good olive oil.” And I always think: “what does that mean? can someone please just tell me what to buy??” I’ll be ordering this as well. : )

  3. Silvia said on September 7, 2012

    It is nice to know that portuguese olive oil is getting around. We produce our own and it is wonderful. Congrats on you second baby – We had our 3rd in February, but i still didn’t manage to have the epidural on time – maybe next one ;). Nice blog!

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