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Archive for November, 2012

November 19, 2012

Gorgeous food collages

I’m not entirely sure what to call these actually. The only thing that’s certain is that I love them and I begged my friend Julie to send me the big pics from her phone so I could share them. Do any of you follow Julie on Instagram? She’s an incredibly creative lady and an exceptionally great home chef, who used to blog but has since forsaken it for IG. We can’t blame her, can we?

She started a little series ages ago making patterns with her spoils from the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. It’s evolved into a really beautiful little piece of the social media megasphere… one that I look forward to every week. (No pressure or anything, Jules!)

Since lots of you like to cook, I thought you might find her creations inspiring. Wouldn’t you love to hang prints of these in your kitchen??? Maybe if we give Julie enough encouragement, she’ll start an etsy shop and sell them to us. Hellooooo super sweet and simple holiday gifts for the chef on your list.

There are soooo many. Here’s a bunch that I love:

Would you buy, or what!?

Thanks so much, Julie!

November 12, 2012

A list of things for fall

Some things that have been inspiring, helpful, or lust-worthy recently…

This NY Times article on aging. I want to move to Ikaria and grow a garden, drink wine with friends, and possibly live to be 100. (Thanks, Dad!)

Jamie is offering holiday mini-sessions next weekend! Get on it, SD peeps. We’re having our photos taken by her over Thanksgiving weekend and I’m so excited! (PS. I totally ordered a few of those white tees she posted about. Hoping they look as cute on me as they do on her!)

This sweet kitchen shop.

Babble included my blog in a list of the Top 50 Design blogs for moms! Whoa. I am in very very good company over there. Thanks Babble!

These pumpkin donuts… made them last weekend and I wanted them to be delicious. But I think having the kitchen smell like frying oil turned me off. And made me want a giant kale salad for breakfast instead. Donuts are apparently meant to be purchased on a whim from a donut shop.

This new-to-me food blog… has such a nice moodiness to it, doesn’t it?

Forrest needs his first Christmas ornament. I think I might get this one.

This kids party and decor site is adorbs!

Heath is trying to get me to buy more things. They are soooooo sneaky. Perhaps just the new ramekin colors? Maybe a gnome?

This Small Trades dress also makes a perfect nursing top over leggings, for those who are in the same boat as moi.

These date truffles are my new favorite dessert. Tasted them last week when Sara prepared the pretty food for our holiday shoot.

I found this little article on whining to be helpful, other mommies.

Dashiell and I both got big haircuts. Yep. He looks adorable, I look… well… I’m getting used to it. BUT I’m happy to be donating 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love this week! Teeny bit of an identity crisis, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. Hair grows, after all.

Trying to remember this post on losing postpartum weight that I wrote around Dashiell’s first birthday. UGH. I’m not approaching the fatness with as much grace this time.

In the meantime, I’d love to be wearing this Lauren Moffat shirt with riding pants. Or maybe this Rachel Pally maxi skirt with any old tank. I’m going through a maxi skirt phase. My new fave is this Ace & Jig number I snagged from Shop Pretty Mommy. I kind of love the blue option too.

What else am I missing out on? Do tell!

(Photo of Dashie just before I cut his hair. To be fair, I just don’t have any relevant photos for this post.)

November 1, 2012

Dress up

Pretty scary around these parts last night, as you can tell. Melanie and I were in tears laughing about how ridiculous it is to try to get little people to wear costumes. Forrest was the most open to the whole thing. He makes a pretty good bear, don’t you think?

Luciana and Dashie were on board for approximately 10 minutes.

We even made it to a few houses for tricks and treats, which made me feel better since Dashie had to miss the Halloween festivities at school. Still has a nasty cold. Poor guy.

Look at me posting two days in a row!