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Archive for May, 2013

May 28, 2013

Forrpist di Gahtti

AKA, this guy right here.

He’s our semi-Italian baby, according to his older brother, who has been experimenting with nonsense sounds a lot recently. Which is really funny and fun, but also confusing because sometimes I think I’m just not understanding what he’s saying. And then he smiles and I know he’s trying to trick me. I love his face when he’s trying to play the jokester. One day we heard him calling his little brother “Forrpist”, and then soon it was “Forrpist di Gahtti”. We’re rolling with it.

And Forrest. Ahem, Mr. Di Gahtti as I’ve started calling him, he’s really coming into his own. He crawls FAST with one knee and one foot, just like a very busy spider (another nickname courtesy of big bro), he stands and sits and stands and sits over and over again. He babbles and chortles and watches and thinks and does. He throws balls clear across the room. And taught himself to crawl down stairs when I wasn’t looking. (EEEE!) He’s such a headstrong little guy already. Second babies, it seems, just figure it out.

He has 6 little teeth, all new in the last month. I adore his toothy little smile. And his thighs and toes and strawberry hair and the way he says “buh-by” to every airplane that he sees. And that he’s actually turning into kind of a snuggly guy. I love that he buries his head between my shoulder and my chin and rests there for a few minutes to regroup.

Also, he’s going to be one in 4 weeks. ONE. I am not ready.

PS. Hi! I’m not even going to talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted. Just know that I always have this tab open on my computer but the time, oh the time. Or lack of it. Volumes could be written on “the balance”. I haven’t found it just yet. But I’m trying. And I do know that it feels really good to be here. More soon.