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November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Let’s just say it was a good year for mama. I’ve been waiting to make Forrest’s costume for three years, since Brock first sent me a link to something similar (as a joke), and then forbade me from making it for baby Dashiell.

Which is clearly why you have a second baby.

I’d say this chicken costume does deserve just a little bit more play, don’t you think?

I could eat him alive.

In case you’re now convinced, like I was, that this is actually the most adorable costume ever invented for a baby, here’s what you need to make it:

Long sleeve white onesie. (I actually used two and sewed them together so he’d be warm enough without a sweater).
Yellow tights
Yellow crocs (obviously!)
White pilot cap
Red fabric or felt
Loose white duck feathers
Glue gun

Gluing the feathers to the onesie takes no more than an hour. Though one word of caution… babies do not like things like feathers touching their faces. Oops! Didn’t think that through until Forrest tried on the onesie for the first time. I ended up having to rip off all the feathers near his neck and shoulders, and he still cried for a solid 10 minutes when I first put the final costume on. But then he learned to love it, naturally, and wore it for the next 4.5 hours.

The most time consuming part was making the comb from red cotton jersey and sewing it onto the pilot cap. But you could totally use felt or something easier to work with too.

So easy and such a crowd pleaser. Every single person he passed by on Halloween (especially the ladies) had to stop and stare and talk and tell him what a darling little girl he was. Kidding! Nearly half the people thought he was a rooster. Good enough for me.

And Dash… he wanted to be a kitty. A scary kitty. But let’s be honest, could this guy ever *really* be scary?

Amazing how much they grow each year. In case you’re curious: Halloween 2010 / 2011 / 2012. Somehow that’s one thing I’ve managed to post every year.


  1. rachel said on November 5, 2013

    this is perfect. i need a chicken in my future.

  2. Plum Pretty Sugar said on November 5, 2013

    Could this be any more adorable? Eeeek!


  3. Unna Burch said on November 7, 2013

    I saw this on Pintrest and thought id comment to say that i did this costume too! :-) He haaaated the feathers touching his face too. We have backyard chickens, and he calls them took took, but when I took him in the mirror to show him waht he looked like he did the baby sign language for a dog (tounge out and panting) haha

    I did it with feather boa’s – it was pretty easy. I have posted some pics on my instagram the_forest_cantina

    Your little baby its SO cute as a chook! :-)

  4. allison said on November 7, 2013

    i’m pretty sure forrest wins halloween! it’s the cutest ever. and dash’s sweet kitty face! GAH! thanks for sharing!

  5. Loved Things said on November 21, 2013

    Absolutely adorable children ! Feathers costume is fabulous :)

  6. Liz S said on September 30, 2015

    I was searching the web for a boys cat Halloween costume and came across your sons costume. I love it and it’s just what I was looking for! I also really enjoy your site! I was wondering tho how you made his cat hat? Or if you bought it where you found it.
    Thank you so much! Looking forward to more cool ideas from your blog!

  7. Laura said on October 19, 2015

    Hi, just wondering how many feathers you used (approximately)? Just wondering how many to buy!

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