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December 22, 2015

Oven dried oranges for Christmas

Should we just pretend that me posting on this poor blog is business as usual? And I haven’t taken an approximately 3 year hiatus from being a blogger? I think that’s the best way to approach our relationship at this point. We have had instagram this whole time, after all. So… hi!

I have no idea why or how I chose this moment, 3 days before Christmas, when I am frantically trying to finish up work for the year, and cross off items on the to-do and to-buy and to-wrap and to-make lists that are floating around my house. But here we are. I needed to share these, I guess. They are so simple and beautiful and you could totally make them tonight. Or tomorrow. Or even on Christmas eve.

I have never made them before, for the record, so even a novice can be highly successfully at this simple DIY. We’ve made about 6 batches so far, which means that our oven is pretty much constantly running at 150 degrees. It’s nice to know that something is always happening in the kitchen during this time of year.

Slice oranges as evenly as possible to ensure uniform drying. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay them out like cookies. (Great activity for little hands, btw!) Slide them into the oven at 150 degrees and let them be. For about 6 hours. I’m serious. It takes way longer than you think!

I’ve been flipping them every so often so they dry evenly. And I should note that my new range is kind of amazing at not burning things. The 1949 O’keefe & Merritt at our old house would have fried these babies in 1 hour, I’m sure. This is to say that having an oven that keeps a nice, consistent, low temperature is key.

Once you get the hang of the perfect cooking time, they come out looking almost identical to the fresh slices you put in. And they look beautiful tied onto the top of present or strung up as a garland.

I hope someone out there makes them too! They are going to be a new tradition at our house for sure.

Merry Christmas!

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