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Archive for August, 2016

August 16, 2016

Veggie lunch ideas for kids

Forrest has been using the ever-popular Planetbox Rover during his first year of preschool (which just ended last week!) and I have to say that it has made packing lunches so fun. I know, right? But it IS! Having all the little compartments makes portions so easy and it forces me to come up with creative choices to offer him every day. For the record, he is a much more adventurous eater than his older brother who would be happy with a bean and rice burrito and fruit, punctuated only occasionally with hummus and pita or a bagel, every single day. Oh well. At least there is hope for one of them.

Here are some of the lunches Forrest has eaten over the last few weeks. I can’t say they are the *most* creative on the internet, but they are actual lunches that he happily eats. And taking these photos has given me a bunch of new ideas for the fall when he starts back up again! Plus I find looking at kids’ lunches endless interesting. There are so many good ideas out there!

nectarines, plum /  pea chips / cucumber cream cheese sandwich rolls / corn on the cob / apple-permission fruit leather

cucumber-feta salad / watermelon cubes / hummus and pita / seaweed / honest co. gummy vitamin

Breakfast for lunch!

banana / freeze-dried mangos / buttermilk flaxseed pancakes and syrup / hard boiled egg / gummy vitamin

blackberries and golden raspberries / cucumber spears with salt and lime / avocado toast with hemp seeds and basil / hard boiled egg / Matt Munchies Island Mango

baked tofu / pea chips / pizza bagel with hidden kale and hemp seeds / watermelon sticks / dried cherries

cucumber spears / cake bites (leftover from this cake I made) with cream cheese and chia seeds / roasted sweet potato “fries” with ketchup / mango cubes / gummy vitamin

I call this one “lunch de Trader Joes”. Their sprouted wheat bagels with sesame seeds are major lunch staples at our house! And they have 5 grams of protein per half, which is a major bonus.

Pixie tangerines / nut-free trail mix (no nuts at school) / sprouted wheat bagel with avo / chia kettle corn crisps / Matt’s Munchies Island Mango.

As you can see there are some go-tos that appear frequently. Right now we have like 1000 cucumbers coming out of our garden, and luckily Forrest likes them so he often finds them in his lunch. Also hard boiled eggs, because neither of them seems to like cheese in their lunch (it does get kind of soft) and I’m always looking to offer some kind of extra protein. Same with the treat spot. We have a no sweets policy at preschool so that spot often has a vitamin or dried fruit of some kind. Occasionally a yogurt pretzel if I’m feeling rebellious.

In the winter when I was actually cooking dinner, he would take leftover black bean soup, lentils and rice, or chips and beans in his lunch too. Might be time to revisit those. I mean in November, when it starts to cool off.

Would love to hear what other people are packing too! It’s so easy to get stuck in a food routine, isn’t it?